Saturday, March 17, 2007

It's all about the hair.

We've been having hair issues in this household. Liam had decided that he doesn't like to get his hair wet by showering and that he wanted to let it grow long. In February I thought I had finally convinced him to get his hair "trimmed" by his longtime hairstylist (he's been going to her since he was about 2). I guess I wore him down and mentioned that Giselle would have her locks done first. When we got to the salon, he had a meltdown, crying and running away. So I made him promise he would get it cut next time. His little sister quite happily took his place. I can't believe how she loves the salon experience. She sits there quietly, watching the mirror, then closes her eyes when asked. She loves getting her hair blow dried and styled. I think we're in for major salon bills in future.

We finally convinced Liam to get his hair cut last week. It was getting ridiculous - between you and me I love the "surfer" look of his hair. He does look pretty cool amongst his other 6 year old friends (maybe a bit more of the sullen teenager look than I would like). But his head of hair is so thick, and once it's past a certain length it gets hard to manage and was moving toward a mullet. His dad already wore a Euro-mullet in the past - didn't think we had to hand that mantle to the next generation. Ian brought him to his appointment and they made an event of it. When they got home, Liam looked so cute! I had my little boy back! His hair is not super-shorn, but it's manageable. He even likes it.

Now to me. I've finally found a stylist up here who doesn't want to give me the traditional "North of 7, poofy suburban" hair. She's managed to give me a cut that can actually be grown out past my shoulders. I'm really quite loving it - when I have a chance to flat-iron I get pretty ecstatic. I personally think it makes me look younger. But Ian thinks I should cut it back up to above my shoulder. He doesn't think I have the right texture to wear it too long. Thinks it's getting the horse-hair look again (he's pretty romantic, don't you think?). I have to do something with it. So I'm talking aloud in the car, mentioning my dilemma to Liam, everyday conversation. He's listening to me and then he says: "Well, see Mommy, it's hard when other people want you to get your haircut and you don't want to, isn't it? It doesn't feel so good does it?" WOW, I was blown away. He didn't say this maliciously at all, just very matter-of-factly. This kid's got my number!

I was on the spot. I responded that he had a very good point, but that it was still important to get a haircut when it was starting to get messy and hard to take care of. He seemed content with my explanation and then we moved on.

Amazing what kids can come up with. Not only do I have to watch my curse words, now I've got to keep in mind the direction of my everyday conversations. That's a lot for my mommy brain to handle these days.


Dina said...

"Well, see Mommy, it's hard when other people want you to get your haircut and you don't want to, isn't it? It doesn't feel so good does it?"

wow that would blow me away too!! You're going to be in big trouble with that smarty pants:)

Chrissy121875 said...

Wow! It's amazing what kids say sometimes! Liam's quite the smart cookie there! Watch out when he's in high school! ;)


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