Friday, April 13, 2007

The Brazilian

...Ball, that is.

A couple of days before we headed out to Jamaica, Ian asked me if I wanted to attend the Brazilian ball this year. Of course, my first thought was "when is it? what do we do with the kids?". So once I had secured that, I said, sure, I've always wanted to go.

Here we are a couple of weeks later and Giselle wanted to play dress-up. I'm going through my closet and it hits me ... I don't know if I have anything to wear to the ball, which is next Saturday! I'm sure Ian would beg to differ, as I've pretty much taken over our closet. But I was pretty sure I didn't have/ or wouldn't fit any of the ball-type dresses I have. I did just spend too much on a Nicole Miller for Ian's company Christmas party - but that's exactly the problem, as we'll be with the same people at this function too. And besides, it was a cocktail number.

I googled the event, checked out pictures from last year's and confirmed it - I'm in trouble. The photos showed lovely ladies in very fancy gowns (Gucci, Chanel, Donna Karan ...) Then I got an e:mail from the hubster's crackberry - "I've got to wear a tux". Good timing. OMG, bigger trouble!

I asked Giselle if she wanted to go shopping. She said, "OK mama". Only 8 shopping days left. We headed to Vaughan Mills - I thought I'd check out Holt Renfrew's Last Call. Now I usually bypass the gowns, but that was my destination this time. And there were quite a few, not totally eye-popping prices (though I did spot an absolutely gorgeous Vera Wang which was the bargain basement price of $2,800 on sale). Tried on a couple while Giselle popped in and out of my change room on all fours. I tried on a Barbie pink gown which came complete with boobs - actually didn't look half bad. And another Nicole Miller which was quite pretty but a brown colour which was not quite chocolately enough to look "great" on me. Seeing as all items are final sale there, I thought I'd keep looking.

On to BCBG Max Azria - and struck gold! I usually stop in there whenever I'm at this mall - I've lucked out a couple of times, and have always noticed their gowns, but never have had an occasion to look at them. But the bonus with this store is that the girls who work there are so laid back and actually help you. And they're great about Giselle - she's your typical 2 year old, touchy-feely with all the dresses, shoes, etc. Running races around the store. Not that she ever has grimy hands when I'm in there with her, but I've been to a lot of shops whose sales people give me the evil eye whenever Giselle accompanies me. They are very smart girls there -- I ended up buying a fairly classic black halter (satin top) with chiffon skirt, and sparkle detail along the middle. And these stilettos that I'll have to practice walking in. All for substantially less than the Nicole Miller of Christmas vintage.

Now I'm a bit excited about the party. But I've got to finish organizing and surviving Liam's 7th birthday celebration first - it happens just hours before cocktails start at the ball. Will have to remember not to fill up on Star Wars cake and Pizza Pizza before we head downtown.

Ian's suggested that I get a Brazilian wax for the occasion. Uh, maybe, as long as he goes first. Problem solved :).


Jill said...

Sounds like a great shopping trip....I hope we'll get pictures!

Chrissy121875 said...

I love BCBG :) Can't wait to see some pics, girlfriend! ;)

PS. When I read your title, "The Brazilian", I was sorta shocked...half expecting to hear about a Brazilian waxing experience! LOL!

Karen MEG said...

I thought that was a provocative title Chrissy LOL! I've sort of thought about trying a Brazilian but I'm too inhibited and anti-pain. I've heard that you have to get in semi-pornographic positions in order to have the most effective wax. Not for me, thank you!
I'll try to get pics of the event. I'm more interested in seeing Ian in a tux again. Last time was at our wedding a zillion years ago :)

Dina said...

hey karen,
i have to admit that i have loved a brazilian here and there (both the men and wax variety:) the wax was way less painful (you girls-especially my old roomie Chrissy can atest to that!!!) and the wax made me feel great about myself :)
the ball sounds fab and the clothes even better- hope to see pics :)

Jill said...

Eh, I'll stick with Magic Cream. I do agree a nice smooth...umm...area is a good thing, but I prefer to not have the hair ripped out from the roots!

Chrissy121875 said...

Yep, yep! I hear ya, Dina! Oh, and I do remember those Elmhurst days :) By the way, have I told you how much I miss you??? I know I saw you last month, but these 2x a year visits just aren't cutting it for me! LOL!

I booked an appointment for a Brazilian wax, but it got cancelled. My esthetician and I keep getting conflicting schedules. Hmmmm...I wonder if it's a sign? Do I reeeeeeeally need the pain of waxing?? I like the end result, but the getting there is a pain! No pun intended!

Jill, that Magic Cream...does it burn? Is it safe to use down there? I am thinking maybe that is a good alternative. I wonder if I can get it on the island though! LOL! Oh, and the funny thing about being on a small island is that EVERYONE knows everyone. Imagine me buying Magic Cream hair remover for black men's facial hair?? LOL!!! OMG...I can hear the rumours starting already! LOL! Apparently, John and I were expecting a baby in the Spring! I guess we'd better get busy then! LOL!

Jill said...

It does not burn or cause any problems if you use it properly, rinse it off in time, and keep it on the outside.

I left it on too long once, and my vagina was on fire for a week. So don't do that.

I can send you some if you want.

Chrissy121875 said...

Holy smokes! That reminds me of this depilatory cream my cousin used (facial hair remover). She put it on and hopped in the shower, but it was A) on too long and B) the hot water and steam from the shower opened up her pores and she came out with her skin abover her lips all raw! I remember the incident like it was yesterday! LOL! It wasn't funny back then, but now we can laugh at it.

Jill, I went to the drugstore today, and there was no Magic Cream! :( Wanna hear something funny??? I don't think there are even any Black people on the island...hence no Magic Cream?? Weird.


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