Monday, April 16, 2007

Stick to one word answers

We've been endeavouring to be a bit more fit these days. Our newest attempt is to go to the gym on Saturday mornings with the kids. The kids go to the onsite childminding, I do my Bodyjam class, and try as I might to get Ian to join my dance class, he's staying with his elliptical machine and weights. At first I thought it was not the best use of our "family" time, but our health is pretty important, and Ian has pointed out that it sets up a good example for the kids that their parents exercise. It'll probably be better once it's warmer out to do more outdoor physical activities with the kids, but for now it's better than nothing.

On the Sunday after our last workout, while I'm pouring my morning cup of coffee Ian shows me the sides of his abdomen to let me see the results of his exercising all week. He asked me if I thought it was fat or muscle. I didn't answer right away as I had to ponder - I think they're his oblique muscles.

But I'm thinking aloud, saying, "Yes, I think they are muscle, sort of like what I saw on Grey's Anatomy, you know that scene where McDreamy is feeling all guilty about choosing Meredith and he goes to Addison's hotel room, sits on the bed talking to her and in walks McSteamy wearing barely a towel... his ab muscles were showing. Those could be what you've got. Or maybe like those that Jake Gyllenhaal has, or you know, like Ryan Reynolds, Alannis Morrissette's ex, now he's cut, yeah, he's got those muscles ..., I think you used to clearly have those when you were younger..."

Ian's staring at me blankly. So I re-iterate,
"I think it's muscle". Blank stare continues.

Note to self. Stick to one word responses... in this case, "muscle" would have more than sufficed.

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Curiosity.Killer said...

LOL. I put my foot in my mouth in most unexpected times!!! Just when you thought you're simply giving a good thorough explanation -- the other party ain't thinking so!!

Tell him at least you're comparing him to tv stars!!


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