Saturday, April 07, 2007

Butt it out, please.

I was thinking about our beach vacation today as I was getting ready for the gym. Checking out my behind in the mirror as I can't believe the wonders that Lululemon pants do for your average backside. While doing this I got a wicked flashback of a couple of unwelcome scenes on the beach at Negril.

We were staying at a family resort and I suppose that the beach is technically public. One morning as I was settling with Giselle under our hut, I noticed 2 older very tanned guys strolling along the beach in our direction. By older, I mean obviously well into their 60's or 70's, both wearing G-strings that left very little to the imagination. At the time, I thought it more hilarious to watch other people's reactions to this couple. I'm not a prude, but I was glad that Liam wasn't around so I didn't have to explain why these guys would feel the need to expose themselves in that way.

A few days later I noticed another older couple walking toward us on the beach, one male and one female. This time the man was in full swim trunks, and the woman looked like she was in a normal bikini but then as she walked past I noticed it was another G-string. Now I'm all about freedom of expression and that, and her body wasn't too bad I suppose, for her age. But if you're going to wear that, then make sure your hair and upper look is from this decade! Her head didn't match --- it was like seeing one of my mom's best friends or June Cleaver wearing a G-string. It's not like she was Goldie Hawn or Cher ... that I could probably have handled.

Why did they feel the need to share? Why couldn't they have been GQ type bods - even if they'd been gay I wouldn't have minded the eye-candy. G-strings are also so uncomfortable (my only first-hand experience being for gymwear only - nasty pantylines don't cut it).

So I was chatting away to Ian about this, then I felt guilty, I mean, it is only the human body. We'll all look like that eventually (ugh). I asked him if I was evil. He agreed, saying that I'm rotten to the core.


Jill said...

Can you tell me more about what Lululemon's do?? I am still trying to decide if they are worth the hefty pricetag!

Karen MEG said...

Hey Jill, I love my lululemons - they are pricey, but they wash really easily, and when I wear them to work out they really absorb well, so you don't feel all sticky or uncomfortable. I promised I would only buy myself one pair, but of course now I have about 5 in my wardrobe.
But the bonus is the design - depending on the style, there's usually a band of a different colour that cuts strategically just below your pelvic area that dips, so that it hugs your butt just so, very slimming but at the same time emphasizes the booty in the right way.
The problem is that they rarely go on sale, but I believe the Vaughan mills location carries any "sale" merchandise. I heard that the warehouse sale this year was crazy, but their boxing day sales are pretty good.

Dina said...

Karen- those g-men must have been European. When i was on the beach in Bali the Euro men had no problem at all exposing their butts- also the women ALL wore thong bikini's. I can't imagine personally doing it but they have very different ideas of what is acceptable...i wore a string bikini on my honeymoon in Venezuela and I felt covered up compared to what most were wearing!!


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