Thursday, April 05, 2007


Don't know what I ever did to deserve the amazing guy I'm married to. It's easy to forget what a great life partner he is, as I get caught up in the day-to-day realities of the kids.

Liam has this viral infection that has been keeping him up at night, he's been dizzy with fever, now with a sore throat. So he's been off sick for the last couple of days, and with Giselle home, we've all been feeling stir-crazy. Ian always calls from work, especially when the kids are sick. When he checked in yesterday, I told him our little guy was still miserable but that I had a doctor's appt scheduled. He offered to come home right away to take Liam to the doctor's. He knows how hard it is with the two of them, especially at Giselle's naptime. So he was back in about half an hour. It's this sort of thing that really makes me stop and think about what a wonderful husband I have.

I'm just so very lucky. It seems like we've been together forever, well, at least half of our lives now (scary); yet he continues to appreciate me and put up with a lot of my ... well, a lot! He's always been my biggest supporter and helps me make major life decisions about career, school, family, infertility etc. with such confidence. Even now, he thinks I'm doing the most important job being at home with our young kids. And he'll pick up dinner at the drop of a hat if it helps --- fancy that, and I'm the one at home! Our kids absolutely adore their dad too.

I've grown so much with him; I've always been fairly hesitant about change. I think that contributed to much of any hesitancy he had about marriage. But now I'll do anything or go anywhere with him. We've been talking about life plans and I'm excited if there are any opportunities for a change of scenery. That wouldn't always have been my reaction in the past. I'm really working on being as supportive of him as I can be, and I think he's realized that I'm pretty strong as well, so any doubts he had about me disappeared eons ago.

So in the so-quotable lyrics of the PCD, I'm happy to "stick wit" my man 4-ever. Yeah, that's me, the next Pussy Cat Doll. I'm still working on my bodywave -- I'll be so there for the next season's auditions :)


Chrissy121875 said...

Okay, I think I may be a bit hormonal right now, because this post seriously made me cry!!!

You are so sweet and Ian sounds like a wonderful guy...father...and husband!

Karen MEG said...

Thanks, Chrissy. Yeah, I got really teary just writing it too. Then he went and left his shoes right in front of the door for me to trip over... just kidding, I love him anyway LOL!
I like to remind myself (and him - he loved the post and now he's hooked on the song :) of how special he is and what a special relationship we have. My whole family love him too - they sometimes think I'm too harsh with him, which I can be (I can be uber bee-atch when I'm hormonal). I have an old friend who's been divorced a couple years and just had another big breakup. She told me to give Ian another hug for her last night, because I'm one of the lucky ones. And I know I am.


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