Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I'm a little bit whiny

We just got back from a sun-filled week in Negril, Jamaica. The weather was absolutely perfect, the Sesame Street characters at the Beaches resort didn't disappoint, and yet when people ask me how my time was I say "Good". Just "good"? I was hoping my answer would have been more enthusiastic considering all the time and expense that went into the vacation. I spent a week packing for 3 (had to cover all the bases) and didn't even offer to pack for Ian. He usually lives in shorts and T's when on the beach anyway. It was high season so I don't even want to go into how much it cost.

Maybe it's because I gained 5lbs, only got into the pool twice and the ocean maybe 3 times the whole 7 days. I think I need a vacation after my vacation. I don't really feel that I got much of a break at all.

Liam was an absolute dream. Although he didn't go to the kids camp, he made friends quickly and the resort was small and safe enough that I felt comfortable with him checking in with me every hour or so, just so I knew what he was up to and who he was with. He's a great swimmer and the water in the ocean and pool were quite shallow. A good thing, because I really needed a clone of myself if I had to keep an eye on him the whole time.

Ian had a great day 1. He signed up for an intro scuba class and was scheduled to go on a couple dives. But as per usual he got sick after his class on day 2, so he was out all that evening and the entire 3rd day and evening. He still managed to go snorkelling a couple of times the remainder of the trip. I don't begrudge him his time at all - he works so hard he really needed to have some time just to chill and I'm proud of him for doing a scuba dive when he wasn't feeling 100%.

So it was me with my little Diva together alone for most of the trip. Much like we are at home, so I suppose it was a bonus that we were in an idyllic setting. But her terrible 2's behaviour came on with a vengeance, likely because the weather was so different as were the surroundings. She was so clingy, loud, having temper tantrums at most meal times. On Day 2 I put her in the Nursery for a couple of hours while Ian was at scuba. That was nice - she didn't act up until I picked her up. So the next day she kicked up a fuss but the girls were great and told me to just go. The whole time I was away (just lying on the beach) I just felt so guilty and didn't really know what to do with myself. But when I picked her up she was just fine, so I thought, hey things are looking up! Of course the next day she developed a fever. That was the last day she went to the nursery. And then probably because all she ate was sausages, fries and Fruit Loops, she developed a couple of nasty canker sores in her tiny mouth. She was super cranky because she was in super pain.

All I did all week was stay on the beach under a hut, ate a lot as the food (ie. jamaican patties, fries, pizza, jerk chicken) and drink (dirty bananas, strawberry daiquiris, Red Stripe light, G & T's) were plentiful. Didn't do one exercise class, maybe walked across the beach a couple times a day. Oh and I did the Macarena with Grover at the Character breakfast. That was the extent of my exercise. Hence the additional weight. And grumpy mood.

But overall I'm glad that the kids (in particular Liam) had an amazing time. We managed to hire a babysitter so Ian and I actually got to spend about 3 hours having dinner in a very romantic spot (The Rockhouse) which actually rented out rooms complete with open air showers and infinity pool overlooking the cliffs. At this point in our lives, it's all about the kids isn't it? And we can still dream about cycling trips through Provence and luxury villa stays without the kids. Those trips will come in time, but until then I reserve the right to be whiny in my own little online space.


Chrissy121875 said...

Wow!!! Well, after going on vacation, I always feel like I need a vacation just to recover from being on vacation! LOL!

Glad to hear Liam was an absolute dream :) Giselle's still little. I'm sure when she gets to be Liam's age, going on vacation won't be such an ordeal :) Oh, and when the kids get bigger, maybe you and Ian can go on vacation together and they can stay with grandparents for a few days...or you can all just come to Manitoulin Island!! LOL! ;) I'm not trying to twist your arm or anything!

Stu and Trudy Miller said...

When I vacation with the kids, and there's no other adults around to help out (grandparents mostly), I always feel like I need another vacation. It's because you're a parent ALL the time. You don't get a break from being a parent unless the kids aren't there. Come to think of it, our best family vacations have included other family members.


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