Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Faced with the possibility of a very long plane ride with a cranky 2 year old, we succumbed and purchased two portable DVD players for the kids for our trip to Jamaica back in March. I managed to find one for each child, pink for the girl and black for our Ninja/Vader. They loved them of course. I hate to admit it, but they've been used for some daily distraction, particularly for our little one who must always watch "her show" on her "DV pay-ler". It certainly helps when they're duelling for the big TV (literally, with light sabers), while I'm trying to make dinner. Ironically, we haven't used them in the car more than once.

I find it utterly amazing how quickly children learn the different technologies and how to work their toys. She knows which button to press to play the DVD, and is starting to understand the "skip" button. G's DVD of choice has been Caillou, since she was about 18 months old. We call him her weird, bald 4-year-old French boyfriend. I don't really get it (although there's something about the French maybe?) , but there are some interesting lessons to be learned in most of the episodes. Most of the time he gets in a little trouble for doing something "bad". G hasn't really picked up on mimicking any of his behaviours yet, she's just busy watching Rosie and laughing at the antics of Caillou and Gilbert the cat.

The funniest thing these days is that she's been requesting to watch the FRENCH version of the DVD - only she calls it ENGLISH!! So when we turn on the DVD for her she yells "I want EN-GLE-ISHHHHH" in a panicky voice while we're frantically trying to push the button to select the language feature. And all is right with the world as soon as the French theme song comes on - she's all giggles and pointing at her hero.

We've been trying to tell her it's French, but she argues and says it's English. Oh well, maybe she'll pick up some of the language while she's watching. There's no negotiating with a 2 year old!


Chrissy121875 said...

LOL!! OMG, Karen! That is hilarious! I was seriously cracking up reading about Little G and her "English" Caillou DVDs! I have to admit, I like Caillou too.

Sooooo...when are you guys coming to the Island? LOL! Make sure you bring those Caillou videos for the drive over! However, if you take the boat across, there's a play area and sometimes they play Caillou on the TV there. They also have a storyteller who reads Robert Munsch books to the kids. She's really animated. It's cool!

BeachMama said...

That is awesome that she wants to watch in french, nothing wrong with learning a bit early.

We have a portable dvd but use it strictly for special rides in the car. Otherwise the addiction would surely get too strong ;). I wish I had found some cool coloured ones.


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