Monday, May 14, 2007

The Sweetest Day

There's nothing quite like waking up to the careful shuffle of not-so-little feet sidling up to my bedside at 6:50 in the morning. As I groggily peeled open my eyelids I saw the cutest thing - my 7 year old holding a bowl of Honey-Nut Cheerios, filled almost to the rim with milk.

"Happy Mother's Day, Mommy" he whispered, so as not to awaken his 2 year old sister snoring softly next to me. "I've got a glass of milk that I can bring up for you too when you're done."

That was how my Mother's Day 2007 began. And then he let me and my daughter sleep-in until 8:30.

I think that was the first time I ever got breakfast in bed! So even though Dad was away, my little guy had all the bases covered, including a lovely bouquet of tissue flowers and a card that made me cry.

There's a very lucky little girl out there who's in for a treat in about 20 years.


Dina said...

that is very sweet! Once again Liam sounds like such a great kid and will make some girl a great BF in a few years time!!
what a lucky mommy getting to sleep in till 8:30!!! and breakfast in devine!!

BeachMama said...

Sounds like you had a perfect Mother's Day, I hope the rest was just as great as the beginning.

Chrissy121875 said...

Awwwwwww!!! Liam is such a sweetheart! What a wonderful way to start off the day!

curiositykiller said...

Awwwwwwwww~ That is SOOOOO sweet!!! LOL

Gosh darn, your baby is totally the biggest sweetheart ever. LOL You lucky woman you! LOL

Karen MEG said...

Dina - he's already got the girls lining up LOL. Actually, he's always has little girl"friends" - since JK. Last year it was the prettiest thing - Stephanie. This year it's dimpled Sarah. Hope you had a great M-day too!

beachmama - it was a great day - didn't do much, took the kids to the dollar store to make more tissue flowers for Grandma, then for Baskin Robbins ice cream. Then a big mother's day feast for dinner with my Mom and all the siblings. Hope yours was grand.

Chrissy and CK - yes, I am very lucky - he is a sweetheart, and keeps surprising us everyday with new things to gush about. Giselle has a hard act to follow - but she's certainly developing in her own precious little way. I am truly blessed.

Danielle said...

sounds like a great mothers day


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