Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Welcome to our Art Gallery

While cruising the blogsphere the other day, I came across a great idea for all those wonderful art projects that come home from school and preschool programmes. Rather than keep everything stuffed in rubbermaid boxes in the basement, ready to be dusted off when the kids clear out their stuff when they get married, why not just take digital pictures of them, and then you can recycle away. This way you can enjoy the work on a more permanent basis and declutter the house at the same time. What a concept!

So let's go on a tour of a small area of our Art Gallery, and lucky us, today we have one of our artists-in-residence next to a couple of her newest masterpieces:

Now the following is supposed to be the tooth-fairy. Mommy sort of goofed and gave the fairy a bra instead of wings - I need to take Anatomy 101 over again:

This is a recent contribution by big brother - wouldn't the world be a better place if we all remembered this ?:

And then we have the requisite daily monster drawing:

We actually have some artwork that we commissioned from our professional artist friend Jonathan in our humble abode as well. We treasure these pieces, as they capture the essence of our kids at such a wonderful age, when they were really just starting to discover the world around them. Both kids were about 18 months old at the time of the paintings:


Dina said...

Karen- what a wonderful idea. Thank goodness for digital!!

love the paintings of your kids too. they're amazing!

Curiosity.Killer said...

Oh wow! I was scrolling down seeing your babies' artworks and thinking, "Awww, so cute..."

Then I saw your artist friend's drawings and dropped my jaw. That's special - totally one of a kind. My mom had a large photo of me and my younger sister in ballet costumes when we were kids, and she still has it.

Great things to cherish! How wonderful! Great idea!!!

Chrissy121875 said...

Wonderful idea, Karen! I love the paintings of your little ones! Adorable!

Chrissy121875 said...

Karen, I posted a video clip from our concert for you :)


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