Thursday, June 21, 2007

Feeding Frenzy

The roofers came today, so as any good homeowner would do... I took little G out to Lionel's Petting Zoo! Well, there was a lot of noise and racket, and given my recent track record I had nothing to lose by not being here the whole day.

To be fair (to myself) I had already arranged this with our playgroup, but the roofers just showed up. We had booked them but we weren't sure what day they were coming. So they interrupted the deck/fence students for a day, but no worries, right? Don't worry, be happy.

So, the animals at the zoo were so excited to see people. I swear the goats started to climb the fences as soon as our van drove up. But it was the kids' reactions that were the most priceless. We had brought bread and carrots to feed with. Little G was jumping out of her seat, "Mommy, can I eat them?" (eat= feed!).

Here's the little one feeding carrots - such a brave little thing:

Here peacock, have some bread:

There is a fuzzy bunny in the background, but I had to share this close-up. Oh to be so young, skin so fair, I love this shot of her:

They also gave free dinosaur rides:

Then after school, Liam had back-to-back birthday parties to attend. And in-between he managed to have some street fun with his posse across the street while I dropped the little one off before taking him mid-town for the indoor volleyball party.

Two parties. Two opportunities in a row, to stuff myself with pizza and cake. I am, after all, the human garbarator.

A whole day of seeing my kids beaming, smiling ear-to-ear, playing and laughing with their friends. Me chatting it up with other parents, sharing renovations stories and managing to laugh too. What a great day. This is what staying at home is all about.


Chrissy121875 said...

Ohhhhhhh! How sweet! Great pics! Looks like a fun day had by all! Karen, Little G is soooooooooo pretty! What a sweet little face she's got! I just want to hug her! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Such sweet pics and sweet stories!! Abby was so excited to see pics of her on the screen!!! Precious moments!

bec said...

Oops didn't mean to be anonymous!

Dina said...

very sweet!!! We'll all have to go there with the kids-beats spending a nice day inside a mall :)

Janssen said...

That little dinasour cracks me up! How hilarious! So cute.


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