Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Poppa's gonna buy me a HARDHAT

Summer's here and the time is right for RENOVATING! This is the season I've been looking forward to and dreading at the same time. We'll finally be getting our new kitchen in this summer, something we've been talking about and planning for about 2 years. When we first had the kitchen guys here Giselle was not even sitting yet; now she's giving 5 minute soliloquies on the fact that her DVD player flew away so she'using her brother's.

We're talking major work - we're replacing all the main floor tiles; powder room, laundry, kitchen, foyer. New kitchen cabinetry, new layout with island, new appliances, lighting. New paint everywhere. And I just found out, as Ian was taking our contractor throughout to go over more details about the job, that we're having our family room carpet ripped out to be replaced with hardwood (don't you just love that as the project takes a life of its own right before you and the contractor's ever expanding dollar-sign eyes?)

On top of that, we're getting a new roof, and our fence and deck stained.

So here's the thing. I'm just terrible with dealing with these trade things. But hubster is meticulous. He fancies that he could or should be doing a lot of this himself, but if he can't at least he'll supervise the job. Problem is that he's working full time, and I'm the one at home. Who should be supervising.

We hired student painters (a company) for the staining in the back. We have no time to do it ourselves and thought we may as well help students for their summer - we've all been there. They did the powerwashing prep-work yesterday, but when I checked after they had gone I noticed that all the railings were very rough, peeling from the wash, some splintered. A bit too much in my opinion, but what do I know, until it was verified by Ian when he got home.

He was not too impressed. Called the crew chief and left a message. Asked if I had been home (which I was for most of the day) and that I should have watched them better. I thought, well, shouldn't they know what they're doing, one would hope that this isn't the first job they've done, hopefully they'd been trained? But he said that they're students, I should have been out there checking as they're working.

I'm just not that type. I'm happy to guide/supervise someone's paperwork, consult on their strategy and analysis, you know, office-type stuff. But these activities that venture into the great outdoors, not my domain. Unfortunately, like it or not, I've been appointed the foreman/foreperson, and I didn't do so well on my first day. According to Liam, if Dad were Donald Trump, I'd be "FIRED".

Wish me luck. I think it's going to be a long, hot, stressful summer!


Haley-O said...

Ooooo, I hope it's not too stressful! Seems like everyone's renovating this summer! Good luck with it!

bec said...

*Sigh* I feel your pain. I, too, being at home should be the foreman for reno projects...but it's not my thing and I assume (despite watching Holmes on Homes), that the tradespeople know what they are doing. Last summer our basement was finished. I should say last Winter, Spring and Summer. It was a long project. I'm lucky that it was my BIL who did the job and he knew what he was doing! You will get through it, though at times your house (lower level) won't feel like your own while all the rubble and transition takes place. At those times, it's nice to have a friend handy that you can bring the kids over for playdates or, say go shopping with... ;)

Karen MEG said...

Thanks Haley. We're getting the roof done today. I'm petrified.
Bec, we'll definitely hang over the summer. Shopping and playdates, who can resist?


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