Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I don't know how they do it!

I just had an amazing, but EXHAUSTING day out with a bunch of Grade 1 kids, who took over the Ontario Science Centre for about 5 hours today. I only had to watch over 4 kids, but I almost passed out on the bus ride home I was so tired!

I have such admiration for the teachers. They have to deal with so many energetic 6 -7 year olds on a daily basis. Not only just watch over them, but actually teach them something, most times with a smile on their face. You can just tell how much the children just LOVE their teachers as well. And I must say, Gr. 1 teachers at my son's school are fantastic; they are sweet, but assertive, and having had the pleasure of volunteering, I can attest to the remarkable progress that all of the students in Liam's class have made in the school year.

The last time I volunteered for the school trip was to Casa Loma, around Christmas time. I only had to watch 3 boys that time. How good was I at it? After getting off the bus and through the entrance, I promptly lost 2 of them. Liam had to help me find them right away ... they came back to us hand-in-hand with the other Gr. 1 teacher. I felt so sheepish, but it was an easy mistake - they had followed her kids into their area instead.

So this time I was determined to do a better job. Likely why I felt so stressed all day. I was given 2 girls and 2 boys this time. At first it seemed easier than if I had 4 boys. But then once we got into the kids area - you got it - the boys separated from the girls. They had diverging interests. But they were quite good at keeping tabs on each other and reporting back. Liam especially - he's a natural timekeeper. Even at the end of the day his friends were telling him to take it easy, as he hurried them back to the meeting place to board the bus!

Watching the pros at work - each teacher had 6 children, all girls, basically forming a circle around them. Holding their hands, calling them to show them items of interest or things they had created. By the end of the trip, the teachers were still in great spirits, but very smartly ushered the kids out to the school playground to burn off all that excess energy.

And, by the way, both teachers are pregnant, which brings my awe to a whole other level. Miracle workers they are!


Haley-O said...

Omigosh, they were both pregnant! And, kept their energy up with all those kids! Miracle workers, indeed!!

kailani said...

I really admire Girlie Girl's preschool teacher. I don't know how she can control 24 four year olds!

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