Monday, June 04, 2007

Pink UFO

The Time:
Saturday morning, post-post- winning soccer game (7-0); post- last-minute waterfight playdate for Liam; pre-swimming date at best friend's house.

The Background :
We've just come to the realization that we booked the tile-guy for a job eight weeks from now, and we have not yet chosen a tile. We need almost 900 square feet. Could be an issue. Decide to pack all the stuff needed for the afternoon, and then the kids, to check out a couple of places only open until 4 PM.

The Place:

In the minivan, on 16th avenue, en route to tile place.

The Conversation:
Me (as I'm checking behind my shoulder for the pink life-saving electronic device housing the Backyardigans DVD; I don't see it) :
"Oh, little girl's fallen asleep already, so I guess we don't need it"

DH: "Yeah, yeah, I brought it, it's somewhere, just don't know where I put it"

Me: "Good, if we take too long we're going to need it."


Me: "What was that?"

DH: "Oh shit, that was the DVD player. I must have put it on the van when I was buckling her in."

Liamster: "Yeah, I saw the flash of pink. It bounced off the road and the car behind us hit it on the side. Cool!"

Me: "Great, the DVD rental is in there."

DH: "We'd better go back to get it, don't want to cause any accidents"

The Next Steps:
DH drives around the block, parks, then hops out of the van and runs around the corner to get it.

Meanwhile, back in the van:
Me in frustration (warning, don't do this, as it's not nice to call people names, and kids have great memories) - "Your Dad can be such a knob. Why put it on top where you can't see it? All he had to do was buckle your sister in while I had to pack everything and act as beast of burden with 5 bags to load up the van... blah, blah..."

Liamster: "Mom, are you ever going to forgive Dad?"

Me (after a brief pause): "Yeah, I guess I'll have to."

DH gets back in the van. "Were you guys laughing at me running?"

Liamster: "No, but Mom forgives you. Besides, she's put one of my mad science projects up there once."

The Lesson:
I keep forgetting my kid's memory - I guess he's taken what's left of his parents' combined.

Wear a helmet if you're walking in my neighbourhood.


bec said...

I'm literally LMAO!!!! Too busy LMAO to write more!!! HAHAHAHAHAH
Gotta love the Liamster...

Now it's indelible in my mind, too...It will be hard to keep a straight face when I see Ian next because I keep hearing Ian you "knob" over and over in my head...hahahaha.

bec said...

Forgot to point out your kids have inherited your quick wit...and it may be used against you!

Haley-O said...

Hee! That was so funny! I always put my starbucks tea on the hood of my car.... The monkey doesn't let me forget it, though: "Coffeeee! Coffeee!" ;)

Karen MEG said...

Hey Bec's, yeah, that's a concern for both you and me, as you've got some smarty-pants in your family too.
Hi haley-o - thanks for stopping by! Kids are great at keeping tabs on you aren't they - NOTHING escapes them.

Chrissy121875 said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! OMG, Karen! This is such a wonderful post! You are too funny! I was laughing so hard, Hubby was wondering what was going on! Priceless! I love that Liam boy! LOL!

PS. I really do love your writing style too!

BeachMama said...

Sorry that the dvd player was trashed, but that is truly a hilarious story. I could just see my son doing the same thing. Hope the dvd was still returnable.

Pinks & Blues Girls said...

Great post!! Loved it!!
I so enjoy your blog... I visit all the time!!
- Audrey
Pinks & Blues Girls

Karen MEG said...

Chrissy - thx -my kids give me such rich material - makes blogging so much fun for me!
beachmama- backyardigans survived to sing another tale - it would have been funny if it was "Mission to Mars" rather than "Volcano Sisters"
Hey Audrey - thanks for popping by! I love your blog too - still amazed at how much you can do with everything on your plate!

Curiosity.Killer said...

That is so FUNNY!! Hilarious Story!!


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