Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Look the Ladies will Like

Hubby is in need of a major wardrobe overhaul. He's been decluttering and declogging his side of the closet. His worn down, worn-out clothes trashed; the items he's tired of or just never worn stuffed into bags full for Goodwill.

So I'm rubbing my hands together with glee.

I've been waiting for years to get him into clothes that I think would suit him much better. He's okay with his suits. We even got him into a nice midnight blue (with micro-thin pinstripes in pink) suit which he looked smashing in. Only he left the pants somewhere in Europe. However, for his casual, especially business casual for-the-office look, it's been a real challenge. He's always been a "blue-shirt and khaki Dockers" kind of guy. After sporting that uniform pretty much since I've met him, I think it's time to bring his closet into this century. I'm aiming for more urban chic.

My husband has pretty good taste, he does read Men's Health (although I bought the subscription for him and since renewed it- OMG have you seen those covers?!), GQ and that sort of fare. He knows what looks good, but he has a hard time visualizing these looks on himself. And he's super picky. We go to Banana Republic a fair bit, but he's a bit sick of their "blandness". The last couple of years he's bought some items from Zara and he'll pop into Mexx occasionally. So he hasn't been a totally lost cause. It's just been a microscopically gradual evolution.

For the longest time I've been trying to get him into leaner pants, and he's finally figured out that pleats equal dumpy.

But his work is so busy now, and with the kids becoming ever so much more demanding, it leaves less than zero time for him to shop. A past-time that he gets little pleasure out of anyway. He can only do it for specific items. Like the time he took the girlie out to pick up underwear. She kept pointing at all the underwear packages " Daddy, why he naked?!" and then at the pictured nipples "Daddy, look at their Wo-Wo's". He could barely get to the cash he was having such a great time with her.

Therefore, since Father's Day, I have appointed myself his personal shopper. I've been looking out for HIM rather than the girlie girl and her brother or myself. So far I'm 3 for 4. Three hits: One light blue short sleeve cotton embroidered shirt from Zara; one deep gray rolled-sleeve shirt with epaulets and finally a black short-sleeve shirt with slimming detail. The golf shirt with (he-thought) unflattering horizontal stripes from Banana Republic is going back.

Today he wore the gray shirt and light coloured pants - paraphrasing the words of my new "bec" friend, it's a look that the ladies will like. Or at least I do. We'll see if we get a pic in here.


Pinks & Blues Girls said...

You have reminded me that my husband's wardrobe is in major need of a total overhaul!! What is it with guys and their "looks?" They get stuck on them and then find it hard to adjust to the looks of "now." What a great idea for you to be his personal shopper as a Father's Day gift. It's a win-win... you get to dress him in what you know will look good (and you'll like!) and he gets a new wardrobe without the hassle of having to shop! Sounds good to me!

Jane, P&B Girls

Curiosity.Killer said...

I heard alot of women end up dressing their men... I think that's great, cause the men won't be an eye sore.

His new wardrobe sounds great. Keep shopping and dressing him!

kailani said...

My husband is just the opposite. He has more clothes than me and the 2 girls put together! I wish he would clean out his closet! hee hee

Chrissy121875 said...

Mexx, Banana Republic and Zara are three of my fave stores! My cousin worked for Zara and that was really bad for me! LOL! She always told me when they got new stuff in the store! Argh! LOL!

Not all men lack talent in the dressing department though. My youngest brother is a total fashionista! LOL! I tease him, but his girlfriend loves that he looks good, dresses well, and smells good all the time! The guy has the NICEST clothes a guy can get and he never leaves home without looking good. His girlfriend loves going out in public with him since he always looks good! LOL! You know that commercial "If you don't look good, we don't look good"? LOL! That's what it's like!

Janssen said...

Good for you! When I met my husband, he was still wearing jeans he's worn in HIGH SCHOOL (he was 25 when we got married) and most of his shirts were ones he'd gotten for free in college for various events. After a few months, we went through all his clothes and he threw out everything he didn't like and we've done some major shopping for him about every six months.

At first we had a number of misses because he didn't have a feel for what he really liked (his family is not into fashion at all), but now as he's figured out what looks good on him and what he feels good in. Now, you never see him in a t-shirt or horrible jeans. Thank GOODNESS!

Karen MEG said...

Jane - you're right, they do get stuck! I love to shop, so it is a win, win.
CK - Yeah, he's loving it. Can you believe he's been looking at LaCoste now? Creating a monster...
I remember when I was a teen I went crazy at the "women's market" in HK buying up all the fake alligator polos. Too funny that they're in again - shows you how old I am.
Kailani - that's great! One less thing for you to do.
Chrissy- my baby bro is a walking ad for Club Monaco, Banana, Mexx, Penguin. I used to take him shopping all the time after he'd done his homework. According to his wife, it's all my fault :)
Janssen -that's funny about all those free T's! DH also has a closet full of corporate logo polos - worst colours, ugliest logos. Even he had to throw out a shiny silver tracksuit jacket - I would have worn it but it was too big to be fashionable. Marketers aren't necessarily fashionistas!

bec said...

Glad your choices were a hit! I'm honoured to have been paraphrased in your blog!


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