Friday, July 20, 2007

BFF's *

We've been home for a week now and after listening to little G wake up every day pining and whining for her best buddy Abby, we finally got our schedules in sync and today were able to connect with Abby, her brother Ethan and their mommy, one of my best new gal pals "Bec".

I've always been on the shy side, especially as a kid, and considered myself very reserved. Ian has always encouraged me to make new friends, and I've found since I've been at home, that there's this whole network that's opened up to me via my children. I'm now a social monster/whore. Well, not so bad, but Abby and Giselle hit it off right away when they were in the same program last September, and through almost weekly playdates Bec and I have also become pretty good friends. Here's a shot of the girls doing the bunny hop on the last day of their spring program.

Bec's doesn't mind the verbal diarrheal onslaught that hits her when we get together after not seeing each other for a while. I call it "catching up" although it's more likely the result of lack of true adult conversation. But she gets it, and she really gets me. It's amazing the connection we've made in a very short time. The fact that the little girls' big brothers also hit it off instantaneously was a bonus.

So today's playdate was a major success. The girls were together for pretty much the whole time (it was a marathon date, from lunch until after 7:30 - summer is totally messing up everyone's routine). Painting, playing in the toy kitchen, playing with play doh, chasing each other, tossing the Backyardigan dolls at each other, bossing each other around. They really only had 2 spats in the whole time. They had so much fun, both ended up in their PJ's and passed out ...

And the boys, well they were playing Lego Star Wars on PS2 for most of the day, with a break for lunch, and a Jedi light sabre battle in the dark basement.

Becs and I were able to have a great visit, a lot of coffee and tea talk, checking in on the kids every so often to see if they were screaming with fun or in pain (luckily it was always the former). Pigging out on pizza, Timbits and popcorn (we save the nutritious stuff for the kids). Looking forward to more fun playdates this summer. We're hoping to pull the Dads into the circle very soon as all indicators are that they'll hit it off too.

(*Best Friends Forever)


Curiosity.Killer said...

That's so cute. A day when kids just be kids, and the moms can stop pulling their hairs out... have more days like that... they're growing fast, aren't they?

Tuesday's on, right?

kailani said...

That's so nice that you found someone to hang out with. Sounds like you guys have a lot in common! Mommys need friends, too!

Cherry said...

How lucky you found a friend who also has kids who totally hit it off! Now for the husbands to get in the act!

A full day of hanging out sounds like the perfect summer day.

Karen MEG said...

Hey CK, very true, kids are growing too fast! Tuesday's a major date- can't wait!
Kailani, you're so right, friends are so important when you're a mom.
And Cherry, it was a perfect day - the only way it could have been better is if we actually headed outside - it was beautiful but we got so busy chatting and letting the kids hang inside, we'll have to do it next time.

The Mommanista said...

Cute!! Nice for you too.

Adam and I need some family friends. All my friends are still single or have young babies...all Adam's are older with much older kids.

I had lots of friends with kids Zoƫ's age when I was on mat. leave...but we lost touch when we all went back to work. :(

I wonder if Ian and Adam would hit it off???

Chrissy121875 said...

Awwwwwww, SWEET!!! Little G has got to be one of the cutest little girls I have ever seen!! She is adorable!!

You're right. It's always nice to have some really great gal pals! That's one thing I miss living on the friends from TO and MTL. I'm a pretty social person and have made some really wonderful friends up here who are my age.

BTW, I already know that you seem like the type of person I'd hit it off with! You're awesome, possum! ;)

Catch ya later!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Karen for that beautiful description of our playdate and our friendship and our kids' friendship!!! It was a priceless day!! I should go before I get all sappy...

BTW Abby's nails are still painted red from her mini manicure at your place. The girls are so precious together. I'm amazed at how well they get on together with "only" 2 spats lol. I notice with Abby there are more spats usually in playdates than her older bro had. :)

Looking forward to seeing y'all real soon!

BeachMama said...

I love those kind of 'playdates'. The ones that are really about you, but the kids have so much fun they think it's about them. Sounds like a perfect day and J would have been right in there with the boys on the PS2.

Karen MEG said...

Hey mommnista- I met a lot of moms because I'm currently at home and was able to do programs with the girlie. It's a whole other world, I think I've reached out because it can get a bit kidcentric without other moms around. I'm sure Ian and Adam would get along great! We already know the girls do (Zoe's so cool!)
Chrissy-can't wait to meet to down some martinis and for coffee talk.
Bec-I totally forgot about their mani's!! Giselle screeched and made me fill in the spots she's brushed off... then screamed for me to remove it again. Life when you're 2!
BM- you're too cool! I don't know what to do with any of the electronic toys -- but bec is a pro. I think most of the electronics in her household belong to HER LOL!


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