Monday, August 13, 2007

A Date with Matt Damon

(chaperoned by the Hubster)

Saturday night was an impromptu date night! Whoo-hoo!

We took the parental units (how dated is that expression) out for dinner at Il fornello. They are watching the carb content in their diet, but everyone needs a treat once in a while. Especially my mother who has been cooking and babysitting almost round-the-clock since the newest grandbabies were born. It was nice for them to enjoy some sit-down time with the older grandkids, chat a bit, enjoy their pizza and pasta. The restaurant wasn't too busy so it was a very nice atmosphere for the six of us. And to top it off, Giselle actually ate some multigrain pizza (crust, anyway). The only way we could get her to eat it was to have the threat of the crust-monster, Grandpa, ready to eat up her supper if she didn't do it first. Worked like a charm, and we all got some laughs out of it too.

We got back to the condo at about 9:15. We'd been thinking about taking advantage of the situation and going to see a movie after dinner, as my parents were going to stay in anyway. Although we were both pretty tired, after getting the kids ready for bed, we decided that we should get out to see the 9:50 show. That's LATE!!! I know, but beggars can't be choosers. We headed out at 9:40 figuring the most we would miss would be the previews.

The Silver City parking lot looked packed; but when we got closer, it was mostly people vacating their spots. We hurried up the steps and into the entrance only to be greeted by another series of crowds lined up in the fastlane automatic payment lines. Somehow through my strange out-of-it meandering path I made it to the front of the line -- always amazes Ian that I manage to do that sometimes. We got our tickets, walked right into the cinema #5 and it was so quiet I commented that it looked like it was empty! Spoke too soon... once we made it all the way inside we saw that it was packed to the rafters, and we were stuck at the third row from the front. Which is a terrible spot at the best of times, but particularly bad for action. But we had to remind ourselves that this was a treat, so we were ready to make the best of the situation. We just anticipated needing some major massage therapy for the neck after the show.

The previews came on and it was crazy! One screenshot after the other of violent, vengeance and/or war related scenes. Lots of shoot-em-ups, bloodletting, loud music, (one with the requisite Mark Wahlberg - why is he always in a movie about brothers?). I hadn't heard of a single one - I am so behind on my entertainment trivia it is pathetic. I was so tense after the previews I was almost hyperventilating. Could I survive the actual movie?

The Bourne Ultimatum. Third in a series of action/suspense thrillers starring Matt Damon. Career saving series, according to him. Some people call the Jason Bourne character the James Bond of his generation. With these performances, I tend to agree.

I've seen all three of the movies. The first one was a surprise - I've never been a huge Matt Damon fan, he was all right in Good Will Hunting; I found him a little blank in "Talented Mr. Ripley". I know he was in the Ocean's series (over-hyped, inflated ego cast movies). Other than that I couldn't really name any other movies of note that he'd been in. Until Jason Bourne came along.

I'm generally a squeamish, girly-girl at these movies, but if it's well done I can be very appreciative. I was sufficiently impressed with Bourne Identity, to watch the Bourne Supremacy. I've been out of the loop with movie stuff so the announcement of the Ultimatum wasn't big news to me. Good thing it managed to hit my radar because I LOVED it!!!!

While some people say you don't need to see the first two in the series, I would say it would definitely help. The premise is that Jason Bourne is a trained assassin for the CIA, who starts having second thoughts about what he does for a living. He's been remembering each and every hit; wondering why he's killing people he doesn't even know, doesn't know who is he, who he was before. So he's trying to figure this all out. And someone doesn't want him to figure anything out, so he's continually being hunted along the way. This is the movie where it all comes together and he remembers it all.

There are amazing chase scenes, hand-to-hand combat is phenomenal. The camera work is purposefully shaky to give you the feeling that you're actually there in the fight. It works to great effect in the fight scenes, although rather annoying in the CIA office backdrop. Sure, it's a formula movie, but that's what I went there expecting and wanting, and it delivered in spades. There wasn't any real romance, although a possible hint of it showed up very briefly. Just enough to keep you guessing.

Some great actors in there, including Joan Allen (looking great!), David Strathairn, Julia Stiles, Scott Glenn (looking not so great - OLD!). But Matt was fantastic! I know he only has so many expressions on his face, but they managed to fit the role perfectly. He looked tormented, determined, angry, frustrated all at once, or within varying degrees of each other as appropriate. Too bad Matt is on record as saying this is the final time he'll play Bourne. I would see number 4 if it was ever made with Matt Damon in the cast. I don't think it would be the same without him.

After the movie, Ian asked me if I wanted to go for a drink. I said "Are you asking me out on a date?". And he said "Yeah, wanna?" We got back to the condo at about 1:30 in the morning. I felt about 19 years old again.

Yes, it's still possible to have fun without the kids!

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Pinks & Blues Girls said...

I am DYING to see that movie!! I love Matt Damon... I love Julia Stiles... !! I'm so glad you got a nice night out!!
- Audrey
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