Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Living the Suite Life

We're sleeping over at my parents' condo for a couple of nights during the demolition of our floors, and it's basically the equivalent of two tickets to paradise for the rugrats. So far they've had takeout pizza, pop, a lovely swim in pool water as warm as a bath, and now, just after 11 PM, are enjoying a classic movie with the grandparents. Classic as in 1952 movie "Macao" starring Robert Mitchum and Jane Russell. The kids are totally enthralled, listening intently to Grandpa's explanations of the plotline, while munching on their favourite Chinese dinner rolls which are in abundance.

To be honest, we're not doing too badly ourselves. It is such a lovely apartment, I'm so glad my parents chose this type of accomodation when they downsized. They've worked so hard it's nice that they can enjoy this at this stage of their lives. There's security, an onsite gym with the latest equipment, a sauna, anything you really need. No lawns to mow, beautiful gardens that are taken care of, a lush waterfall that you can see from the hot tub. They have 3 bathrooms (same number we have in our house!), so while the room all 4 of us are staying in is slightly cramped, it's perfect with the ensuite. And the most important item of all, an additional room mate in the form of a COMPUTER is also residing in my bedroom. All the better to indulge my daily blogging addiction. Even my kids can tell how ecstatic I am.

It's better than being in a hotel. So we may never leave.


Chrissy said...

Tee hee! LOVE it! Sounds like the perfect place to go on vacation! LOL!

I was saddened today when my folks discussed downsizing today. They even mentioned moving closer to my brothers, which really, really upset me. I moved here for them, and now they're leaving me! LOL! Just kidding. I know I need to grow up and let them do what they want. I can't help it. I'm selfish.

kailani said...

Maybe you should tell them that the work on your home will take longer than 2 days! *wink*

Karen MEG said...

Chrissy, you're never too old to need your parents. Mine are so involved and so supportive of all three of their kids and grandkids, it's unbelievable. We are so fortunate to live so close to them (they lived a 30 second drive away before they downsized; now they live 15 minutes away by car when there's traffic). We're lucky though that all three kids are in the general area; especially these days with the two new babies!
kailani - it actually is taking a little longer! Surprise, surprise LOL!

Anonymous said...

hey karen jolene here... just finished my weekly read of your blog and was wondering if perhaps you could put aside some of your "purged" items and pack them along when you come on monday - you've got great style, so i trust your judgement completely...

i'm going to need 2 bags when i go back to kelowna - james is going to wish that you taught me a new bodyjam krump move or two! ahahahaha - can't wait to see you!


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