Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sweet Baby Sunday

What a beautiful morning, sun was shining, hubby was home, we were ready to enjoy a great day together, preferably away from the house. Rather than finalize the paint colours (I'm so baaaad!) we made an impromptu visit to my sister's, basically raiding her fridge of the food that was stocked up by my parents for her to eat this weekend. That's what big sisters are for, aren't they?

We woke up this morning and realized that Ian had only had a visit with his new niece that one time on the day she was born, at the hospital. She's now a whole month old! Time flies by when you're having fun, doesn't it? And she just keeps getting cuter, and cuter; and chubbier and chubbier.

So this is new niece number one, lovely baby J:

Now with her very proud, very giggly cousins- check her cute church lady "Oh" :

She even gave the kids a fleeting little smile (or gas grimace, but we like to think it was the former).

After our visit, we headed to the Buskerfest which was held in St. Lawrence Market - very "a propos", as we have our wedding anniversary coming up and this was the first neighbourhood we lived in when we were married. En route, just to get us in the mood, I suppose, I spotted and actually got a picture while hanging out of my so-downtown minivan, of this guy:

No words.

Anyway, to be honest, we were a bit disappointed with the Fest, primarily because we couldn't see any of the acts. It was a bit too crowded, and the girlie had fallen asleep so we weren't exactly mobile with the huge Lincoln style stroller butting through the crowds. There were a lot of vendors, which, (and I hate to say this because you know how much I like to shop), were more of a distraction and made the crowds worse. There was a lot of clapping around certain areas, but that's the most frustrating, to hear all the appreciation but not have a clue what was going on!

So we ended up buying the little guy an orange balloon sword, a few extra Croc charms, and then headed home. But not before I got a picture of this:

All I can say is, "Interesting". I don't like facial tissue THAT much.

But at least we were downtown on a lovely summer day, visiting with adorable family and able to savour one of the last real weekends of the season before school starts.


Pavel said...

Actually, I thought the facial tissue thing was kind of funny, though I wouldn't hang it on MY wall. (smile)

You have some VERY adorable kids!!!

bec said...

Awww...your niece is adorable and it goes without saying that yours are, too! Liam's hair looks shorter. Could it be he consented to a haircut?? Terrific pics of your stroll through the buskers...That tissue thing is, well, exactly what you said, interesting...I didn't even know that event was taking place. Glad you had a great weekend!

Family Adventure said...

What a beautiful little baby girl. Is it the photo, or is her hair lighter?
Love the street musician. Got a good laugh there. I think it was well worth hanging out of the minivan to get that shot!

Karen MEG said...

Thanks Pavel, they are pretty cute (most days LOL!). That tissue art is certainly different - what got me was the price - pretty steep!
bec - yup, we wrestled Liam into the haircutting seat grrrr.
Heidi- yes, baby J has natural blonde highlights - I hope she keeps them. She was the envy of the maternity ward as the nurses fought to walk around with the baby with highlights!


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