Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lost Together for 14 years and counting...

"Strange and beautiful are the stars tonight
that dance around your head;
in your eyes I see that perfect world
I hope that doesn't sound too weird;
And I want all the world to know
that your love's all I need
all that I need
and if we're lost
then we are lost together
yea if we're lost
then we are lost together"

-by Blue Rodeo

It's our 14th anniversary today. Fourteen years ago to this day, I was literally just around the corner from here in my parents' house acting out the part of bridezilla quite effectively - stressing, trying to get my hair and make-up just so, pulling on my dress, yelling at my mom, sister, bridesmaids (who wanted to nail my headpiece/veil to my head), worrying about the guys, the wedding programs, the music at the church, the flowers, the centrepieces, all the minute details that add up to a wedding and reception. And a second reception the next day.

But there was one thing that I wasn't nervous about at all, the reason for the brouhaha. It was the man I was marrying that day. And that's what got me through the whole experience, knowing that the one most important decision of my life was absolutely the right one.

What started out as head-over-heels "I can't believe we didn't start dating until the end of the summer" long distance bliss, transitioned into a young adult courtship with its typical ups and downs ("is he/she, isn't he/she the one?"), and finally morphed into a real, honest, blinders-off relationship between two people who loved, understood, and were ready to be strong for each other. To build a life together, not based on fairy tale endings, but on a foundation of trust, honesty, passion, affection and most of all fun and laughter.

Here's the happy couple in the style worthy of any bridal magazine:

My favourite photos, though, were taken by my sister in asepia style and presented to me in a special photo album as my birthday present that year...

And this is the real reason it's worked all these years ...

We're still crazy and still having fun.

I don't have to hear that wedding song to have lovely memories of that beautiful celebration of our union. I feel it every morning when I wake up to you and our cutie-pie kids scurrying around in the hallway.

Happy Anniversary to my original sweetie. I love you.


Shawna said...

Happy Anniversary! Beautiful pictures!

Jill said...

Gorgeous Pictures!!! Happy Anniversary!!!

Family Adventure said...

Happy Anniversary, Karen! I love the pictures, too. I know you said Ian doesn't read your blog, but I hope he takes time out to read this one.

bec said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! Great pics!!

Laural Dawn said...

That was beautiful!!! Isn't it wonderful when you look back and know the decision was a good one? (even if, like me, there are ups and downs!!)
Great blog.

BeachMama said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I love your photos, you guys look gorgeous and congratulations on keeping it fresh.

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Happy Anniversary! We celebrated our 14th this July. :) Yay to picking the right guy!

Chrissy said...

Happy Anniversary!
I love the photos! You two are so great together! By the way, that Blue Rodeo song is one of my faves! I remember listening to it over, and over, and over throughout the summer of '92!

I just love reading your blog! There's always a wonderful post or wonderful pics waiting to be seen.

Anonymous said...

jolene says: bwahaaha that pic of uncle even and you and the cake nearly made me spit my tea out this morning!!! it's 6:15am.... now i am awake!! have an awesome anniversary you two - you deserve it! love your neice


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