Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Grade 2: Day One

For some reason I had the most fitful sleep in a long time, the night before the first day of school. I was restless, and during the moments I was awake I was thinking about nothing except trying to get back to sleep. The one thing I'm pretty good about is organizing my kids for school/ outings. Backs packed, items all lined up and ready to go for the lunch bag - all major food groups accounted for including too much in the sugar department; water bottle and indoor shoes even! There was nothing to think about - we were set.

Lboy by all accounts, had a most excellent slumber, which was a really good thing. His baby sister and Dad sawed it off all night without a hitch. I'm still trying to figure out what it was that was keeping me awake.

I think stress manifests itself in ways that are often difficult to comprehend. There was really not much to be stressed about. Perhaps it was the return to a "new normal"; the realization that my kids are really growing up much too fast (my baby boy in Grade Two, and the little one starting a nursery program this month!), and that they are not going to need me so much as they continue their journey to becoming their very own individuals. Or more thinking about what I want to do for myself in this next stage. Various options abound for me, but that's likely the main issue. I just get overwhelmed sometimes.

The mass confusion that I expected at the schoolyard did not materialize. Since Ian had the day off he stayed home with little G. Which was lovely - I was able to savour L's first day of school with my full attention on him. It was so nice to see him in his element, so excited to see many friends that he had missed over the summer. And some friends that he just saw on the weekend. The beauty of going to school in your own neighbourhood - it was something that we had really wanted for our kids, and it is working out so well for us, I sometimes have to pinch myself.

While L chatted incessantly with each passing face, we made our way over to the big number "2" placard being held over little heads. It was easy for us, as two of his little classmates from last year came over and told us that he was in their class. We popped on over to check and we found out that he was in Mrs. Brown's class; which is a bonus because I've heard she's one of the "good ones". But then we found out we hit the jackpot - in L's class were some of his very best friends! I internalized a huge sigh of relief.

I'm hopeful this will be a good year for all of us. Little G starts her program in a couple of weeks. It will just be two mornings a week - but I'm already a little weepy just writing about it.

Anyhooo.....speaking of water - WE HAVE IT ON THE ISLAND! Gooseneck pull-out faucet, gorg sink and dishwasher are now fully functional. I've got chills and they're multiplying....


C said...

Happy first day of school to Liam. I'm sure the first day is always harder on the parents than it is on the kids :) I know for our nieces, they're more than excited to be back at school with their friends and in that social environment. I do remember when I was a kid, my mom had a terrible time parting with us on our first day back at school. It wasn't until our adulthood that she confessed that she'd wait in her car after dropping us off and watch us play with our friends...while she wept! Aww...now I feel so sad for my poor mom! :)

On a brighter note, that island of yours sounds AMAZING! Now I want one!!! :)

Laural Dawn said...

I am so glad it went well.
I've been having the weirdest sleepless nights lately. I don't know why.
My son didn't start school yesterday, but his daycare is in a highschool so it was like the first day of school for him. Kind of neat. And, he loves co-op students in his daycare, so I think he's looking forward to that.
By the way, grade 2 was my favourite year ever!!

Cherry said...

I hope sleeping comes much easier to you as the new routines become more normal.

I used to bug my mom all summer asking when I would find out who's class I was in. They usually posted it a week before school, but it was so important to me that I'm sure I asked about it all of the time.

Oh and... your reno is going so well! When do you think it will be totally complete? Very exciting to have a new and functioning kitchen!

Family Adventure said...

Liam did luck out - Christopher had Mrs. Brown and loved her. Good luck to Giselle in her new program - I am sure she will take over the class in no time.

Dina said...

i'm so happy things ran smoothly for you and liam on his first day back to school.
Amazing that when we were that age we thought our folks were ancient...and now look at us mommies ourselves!!!!


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