Monday, September 03, 2007

Sweet-R Sunday

We were fortunate to have our second little niece drop by for an impromptu visit yesterday (well, her parents were very curious about how are kitchen reno was going).

This is the most hilarious thing; she loves the spotlight! This is her favourite position, being held up as the center of attention. Whenever she gets cranky, fussy, my brother holds her just like that and she get quiet immediately! So here is the newest little angel to join the family, cutie-pie baby -R:

She's so precious, don't you think?

So cute, almost makes me want to have another...what, am I crazy?! Too old and snarly nowadays anyway!


Danielle said...

Your niece is so so cute.

bec said...

Awww adorable. Your family has been truly blessed this past summer! That was nice of them to visit so you could each share your new additions--for them, their baby, for you an awesome reno. C'mon Karen, what the heck, have another one! ha ha Just teasing.

Cherry said...

Aren't baby cheeks and baby noses the best things ever?

Pavel said...

I was going to say something about the baby cheeks (she's got very pinchable ones) but cherry beat me to it!

C said...

LOL! Karen, you are hilarious! "Too old and snarly"...Whatever! LOL!

Your niece is so sweet. I love babies...especially other people's babies! ;) (you know I'm kidding)

Family Adventure said...

She's lovely Karen! She looks a little smaller than baby J, or are the pictures misconstruing things?! Two beautiful babies regardless.

Get your baby fix through your nieces, and when their parents start their talk of sleepless nights, endless diaper duty and lack of time to themselves, you can just smile serenely - "been there, done that" :)

Dina said...


Karen MEG said...

Yes, she does have the greatest cheeks - my brother had the original pear-shaped head as a baby :), so his daughter is in good company!
Heidi, she is about 2 lbs smaller than Baby J - they were 1 day and 2 lbs apart! But she's growing and gaining weight nicely. Baby J is now 12 lbs and she's only 5 weeks old!


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