Sunday, September 23, 2007

I love the fall

It's my favourite time of year. I just wish it would get here and stay for a while.

We've been experiencing some really hot days; today it's a sweaty 31 deg. C out there - OUCH! And in the mornings, it's cold enough to wear a jacket. So I'm running around with my head cut off in the mornings getting the Boy's lunch and about 3 outfit selections for him, so that he doesn't freeze in the morning and then sweat to death by the mid-afternoon.

On Sunday, though, the weather was beautiful, and although on the warm side, we felt it necessary to do a fall activity. Like picking apples at the apple farm, going for a wagon ride, fun, family, farm stuff. We were all raring to go, with the exception of my Boy Wonder. You'd think we were taking him to the dentist to get some teeth pulled out. I've been told that some kids go through this stage where all they want to do is stay home. I'm hoping this stage exits real soon, as it is getting so tiresome. The Girlie was super excited, as she's up to most things these days. Much like her big brother used to be before he hit pre-pre-teen mopey phase.

When I was growing up, my parents didn't have much, but they did spend what extra they had on lessons and the like for us. That didn't leave much time for what I think are the traditional Canadian "family" activities. Nothing against my folks, they did a wonderful job raising us into well-rounded, responsible adults and fairly decent human beings; but I always vowed that if and when I had kids, I would spend family time with them. Structured activities such as lessons are still part of the picture, of course, but the unstructured family time is just as important. So the family was going to Applewood Farm, and we were going to have a blast together, dammit!

It was, as I expected, PACKED! But Ian had no problems finding parking (he's got the parking fairy over his shoulder, unlike me who usually has to circle a half-dozen times before finding a spot about 10 blocks away from any entrance). After some fun time running along the hay:

We got into the thick of the orchard and did some serious apple picking:

And then took a fun wagon ride around the pumpkin patches.

But seriously, it was way too hot for pumpkins. We'll pick those up the next trip.


BeachMama said...

Ooh, picking apples. I love it! We usually just buy a big basket at the orchard, but it would be so fun to actually pick them. Looks like a great time was had by all.

louann said...

Looks like fun! And it looks like the little boy did enjoy it :)

Dina said...

I've been itching to go too!! I thought it was too soon in the season but now that I know YOU went maybe we'll take Elie over the weekend!! Looks like you had an awesome time- even L too!!

Family Adventure said...

I love the fall, too! It is also my favourite time of year. I love the air getting cooler. It seems fresher and cleaner to me. Like nature is cleaning up before the long sleep or something like that. We always take our boys out apple picking in the fall, except we won't be doing it this year. Apparently, this is not done in Norway!? I am glad you enjoyed. Liam seemed to get over his initial crankiness pretty quickly. He looks very happy - and they both look super cute :)

DaniGirl said...

We're going apple picking this weekend - I can't wait! I love the pix... the soft light of fall, the red apples, the bright faces... lovely!!

Kellan Rhodes said...

You look and sound like such a great mom (after I wrote a post this morning about hating to go to the beach - me, bad mom). It sure looks like it was a simply wonderful family day. I too have a parking fairy (I always get a spot up front). I too have a cash register demon that follows - any line I get into, the register will run out of tape, break down, girl is closing, girl is ready to go on break - every single register, I swear. Thanks for visiting my site - I appreciate it - come back soon and I will too. I also love the Fall.

C said...

What cute pics of your beautiful family! I love this season too. You're's been so hot and we had barely any rain on the island.

I've always loved apple picking! I used to go with my family all the time! Now I can pick apples on our farm! LOL! Never thought I'd ever say something like that! We have several different species of apple trees. The ones we have are good for making apple sauce, apple pies, apple crisp...and we have some apples that are good for just eating! I go out with my students and nieces and we pick baskets of apples. There are so many that I have to leave them behind for the deer!

Karen MEG said...

BM- maybe next year when the baby's up to it? You definitely should try the picking!
louann-thanks, it was great -and L did have a blast.
Dina-Elie would love it!
Heidi-no applepicking in Norway! So I guess we do have some Canadian traditions! You know, L, he's pretty good natured over all, but all 7 year olds have their moments.
dani-thanks for popping in! I'm glad their faces brightened up - but they had to, the place was rocking with kids and activity. Have fun picking!
Kellan-thanks for dropping in and your very kind words. I don't feel that great a mom a lot of the time; still a work in progress IMO :). You've certainly got your hands full- but that's what life's about isn't it? At least mine sure is :)
Hey there c - your own orchard - how amazing is that! You know, I'm not much of a baker, but I must say I make a pretty awesome apple crumble. I'll have to as we now have a TON of apples LOL!


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