Sunday, September 09, 2007

While we were at it...

With little G toilet training, we figured it wasn't a bad idea to finally get rid of the carpet in the family room. The room that up until now, we only permitted to be lit with the low-level dimmers. Because you really don't need to see stains of questionable origin glaring at you every day.

Therefore, this...

Became this...

Just ignore the furniture, as it's on its way outta here. And the cheap blinds, yuck.

It's all going. At some point, anyway. It's funny how tastes change over the years. Or maybe we're just sick of the sofa springs digging into our backs. After all, couches in a house of children = trampoline.

Of course now that they're so shiny and new, we have to get a rug to protect them. G's already taken to running her toy school buses along the floor... uh, when did she ever play with her toy school buses before? Only NEVER!

Wood floors. I heart them, truly, madly and deeply.


Beck said...

That looks BEAUTIFUL. Wow.
It is funny how our tastes change, isn't it? Something that we've thought looked nice for years suddenly looks ALL WRONG.

Family Adventure said...

Love the floor, love the girl, not sure about the blinds... :)

Curiosity.Killer said...

The floor is BE--EUUUUTIFUL!

Cherry said...


I'm going to sit over here quietly being a Jealous Jelly Bean (as my mom would say).

C said...

I LOVE IT!!! Karen, your home looks like it's something out of a Home and Garden's magazine spread!

Dina said...


Karen MEG said...

Thanks all!
beck- I have a couple of side-tables which I am very hesitant to let back into the room, although the functionality is sorely missing. Green legs, wooden top - what were we thinking!
Heidi- the blinds are awful. Liam makes a game of trying bend them with his balls in the most artful way. Their time is really up!
CK- thx girlfriend!
cherry - I can't believe it's happening as we've been talking about doing this stuff since we moved in ... 7 years ago!
c- you're too sweet - I think I'm just good at taking strategic photos LOL!
hey Dina- tx - I'll have to have you over, I'm sure Elie would love the slippery feel!

I'm still loving the floors but not so much the broom and Swiffer which are pretty much tied to my hips. I thought the carpet was bad, but the dark wood shows EVERYTHING!

Shawna said...

Your floors are BE-YOO-TI-FUL! I heart wood floors too (except when the sun hits them at a certain angle and what you thought were spotless floors have dust ALL OVER THEM)! If nothing else, your dark wood floors are job security for the swiffer employees!


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