Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'm still a baby, and a big girl

I took G into the nursery school yesterday to finalize some paperwork and meet the teachers. Well, actually just to re-introduce G to them, as they're the same girls who looked after L when he was in the daycare program at the school. Some days I still can't believe how quickly time goes by. The teachers still remember me being pregnant, then carrying the little baby in her carrier when I came to pick up big brother every day. She's been on the waitlist as "Baby X" since she was in utero. I guess I can be organized and forward thinking if I really have to be.

G was so excited to be checking out her school. She made me put her in a pretty outfit (floral skirt and pink frilly-T), and during my interview with the supervisor she interrupted us several times as she had "something 'portant" to tell us. Actually, I think she talked nonstop in the office, until we finally got out to tour the playroom. I think she wanted to demonstrated her excellent verbal skills and then some.

When we went into the room where the program is run, her eyes popped wide open and went straight for the paint area. We do painting or drawing on a daily basis, so this was a big bonus for her. The other children in the room were on the carpet and were quite curious about G. She kept an eye on them as well, albeit a little cautiously, keeping her "hairy eyeballs" deceivingly downcast as we walked by them.

After our short stay, the children got up to go outside for playtime, and G was very eager to join them. In fact, she kicked up a fuss when I said we had to leave. The only way I got her out the door was a promise to go on the swings in the playground. And then we were off.

I've signed her up for two mornings a week at the program, to leave the rest of the week for other activities in the community with her. There's a part of me that is very reluctant to move into this stage. Being home with her (and L for that matter) for 2.5 years has been such an amazing gift. We've had so much alone time, just the two girls (as G likes to call us sometimes), I've been with her almost every minute of every day, watching her grow from this tiny baby into a blossoming little girl. And I've loved every minute of it.

People have asked what I'm going to do with those few hours that she is in nursery school. Honestly, as of right now I'm not really sure. A whole few hours completely to myself ... hmmm. I'm sure I'll spend it thinking about my kids!


Beck said...

I get asked that "What will you DO all day?" question about when my kids are all in school, which amuses me. I WILL THINK OF SOMETHING!
I hope Giselle has lots of fun!

Family Adventure said...

Speaking from experience, it is amazing how quickly you get used to those hours to yourself. You think you'll miss them like crazy and then...well...you don't! Oops, should I have said that out loud?! I love my boys, really, I do...it's just that sometimes I like to love them from a distance :)
Good luck to BIG GIRL Giselle, who'll always be her mommy's baby.

C said...

Oh, wow! Little G is growing up! What a cutie! Oh, and I'm sure you'll have lots to do for those few hours to yourself! ;)


C said...

PS. I forgot to mention that I find it so special that you have been able to spend so much time with Giselle and be there to watch her grow :) That bond between "the two girls" is priceless!

Karen MEG said...

beck and Heidi - I'm sure I'll have plenty to do in those few SHORT hours LOL!
c- it has been a real blessing to be here for the kiddies (and for their Dad somewhat too :)


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