Monday, October 15, 2007

Cosmo for lunch, gelato for dessert

Ma famille took me to Moxie's for a late birthday lunch (we were very slow moving yesterday morning, after the night out. Not that we had a lot to drink, we were just slow. I had an excuse because I'm now officially one year older, and feeling it.)

We first tried Moxie's when we were out in Vancouver. We now have one not very far from us in the midst of the commercial core of the burbs up here. So things are looking up. I had dinner with some former work friends there a few weeks ago and was impressed enough to think about it again for the birthday.

It's got a beautiful interior, feels intimate, with most of the tables being booths. The round booths are the best. They have a great drink menu and a kids' menu.
I indulged with a Cosmopolitan. Can't go wrong with a cosmo. The restaurant wasn't too busy, so we let the kids watch their Sponge Bob DVD on the portable DVD player. The replacement player. More on that later. We usually don't let the kids watch in restaurants, but to be honest, it was sort of nice to have a conversation with just the husband, and not worry about the two rugrats arguing or poking at each other.

After lunch, we headed over to Kleinburg as we haven't been in quite a long time. We used to go there a lot when we were dating, and we've only taken the kids there a couple of times. It's another quaint little town, not as busy as Unionville, but a nice place to visit, especially if you're taking in the McMichael Art Gallery. We didn't have time for that yesterday, but we did stop into the Kleinburg Book Company, which sadly is being sold. I always loved that little book store, it's in an 1800's log cabin, with a delightful children's book section on the upper floor. Here we are in front of the store (sorry for the annoying close-up - it's in the genes - faces are most important for pictures, even if you can't tell what landmark the subject is in front of):


It looks like the main street is undergoing a changeover from the last time we were there. Many businesses and/or buildings were for sale. The little restaurant/tea shop with the lovely backyard that served as the open air patio, will now be inhabited by a food shop. The big surprise was the ice-cream and sandwich shop that we used to frequent as well. I just remember it being very cluttered and cramped. It's now a full service restaurant.

The new owners have totally renovated it so it is quite minimalistic in decor, with a pizza oven, but it was the gelato section that drew us in...

The concentration...

After two mouthfuls he decided it was Hazelnut and not chocolate, so he didn't want it anymore. Happy birthday to me as I gobbled up the rest.

We were taking photos of the kids when a lady walked by with the cutest little dog. I think it was a Shee-Poo. After we admired her dog a bit, she offered to take a family photo of us. So sweet. I'm allowed to post this one, it's been scrutinized by the Man himself. It looks like a ghost town, but a pretty one.


So the DVD player, yes. We were using a lovely LG model which replaced G's first pink machine.

After we got home yesterday, we were searching high and low for the black machine(L's) and it could not be found. I knew Ian must have had something to do with it. The last sighting was on Saturday, at the car dealership. I asked if he was sure that he had brought it back - he was positive he had packed it in little G's bag, and even said he had told L to make sure he brought it home (because if he didn't, he'd hear about it yada yada...). I turned the house upside down one last time today, to no avail.

A phone call was made to the dealership. A black DVD player is sitting behind their counter with his name on it.

DVD Player Assasin. That LG player better watch its back. Ian's in the business of making them disappear.


Family Adventure said...

Karen, it sounds like you had such a nice day. I'm glad. :)
What's Ian doing at a car dealership - your van or his car?!

- Heidi

Kellan said...

Yea, you can't go wrong with a Cosmo - Happy Birthday! It sounds like a nice day for you with your family.

Karen MEG said...

Thanks Heidi-it was Ian's regular servicing, plus he's got a funny flappy belt thing happening - in his car, I mean LOL!

Karen MEG said...

Thanks Kellan! have a great day!


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