Saturday, October 06, 2007

Super Exercise Saturday

Neither Ian or I got to the gym at all this week. And with this being Thanksgiving weekend, it was imperative that we at least worked out one day - or the guilt, the guilt!

After hitting Shopper's drug mart for the great sale on diapers (yes, we're still trying to get past this stage grrrr!), and then the grocery for a honkin' huge prime rib roast that we will serve to my family on Monday, I took the girlie to my gym, while Dad took the boy to his own private gym (ie. the condo gym at my folks). Yes, the hubby is now going to my parents' building's state of the art gym on a regular basis, as it's on his way home after work. Hardly anyone uses it (but my parents do); any time that he's there he's usually alone. Him and the TV set. The scenario worked out really well today. Any alone time that Ian can have with his little boy is so precious these days. And my boy refuses to go to the childminding facility at my gym, because he feels he's too old at the ripe age of seven.

G, however, loves accompanying me on Saturday mornings. The childminding ladies are so good with her - they draw and do arts and crafts with her. And there are some older girls there too, and you know how kids are always drawn to those older and not younger. Which is why she prefers my weekend gym (the rest of the week is usually babes in arms, not great company for a preschooler).

Because I hadn't been in a week, I decided to throw myself into the workout. And almost threw out most of my body - at least it felt that way, and my head became a lovely shade of autumn leaf red. But it was exhilerating. I'm so hooked on Bodyjam - here's a taste of what I did today...

"Toe, heel, hips .... lean with it ... Whoot!!!!" LOVE IT!


lulu said...

Hi Karen! I wanted to stop by and let you know I've been checking your blog out since I saw your comment on mine :) Thanks so much for visiting and for the compliments on my hair ;) (That will sound so weird to ppl who don't know what we're talking about). Anyway, your blog is great and I'm learning by reading about your kids. They are adorable!

Dina said...

good for you making time to workout!! I'm exhausted just watching that clip!!

Anonymous said...

karen! hey - jolene here... i've fallen a little behind in my blog reading... this "bj" (haha) stuff looks like a BLAST! forget marathoning and bikram yoga - i wanna body jam!!! woot woot!


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