Sunday, November 04, 2007

The First Sleepover Ever

My boy had his first sleepover this weekend. And I survived it.

He came prancing up to me on Friday when I went to pick him up from school. His cheeks flushed from the run, his eyes sparkling as they usually do when he sees me, he announced that his friend had invited him for a sleepover. And he threw his backpack to me and went tearing back to the playground. He didn’t even wait for an answer – he knew what it would likely be.

His friend’s mother came by to confirm the invitation. I told her that it would be his first sleepover. She asked me if I was okay with it, in a very understanding manner. She told me it would be tougher on me than it would be on my boy.

He’s forging new territory, this son of mine. My firstborn. Paving the way, hitting the milestone firsts with a little less hesitation everytime. His sister will likely follow in his path, he’s making it easier for her. He still needs his mom, but for different reasons than he did a just few short years, even months ago. He’s spreading his wings, trying new things, establishing strong friendships … experiencing life.

To be honest, I’m wasn’t sure that I was ready for it. I knew he would be. An overnight playdate with a couple of his best friends? Pizza for dinner? A movie and video games? Staying up late? What on earth could be better than that for a 7 year old boy? There was also the comfort of knowing that his own home was just around the corner. Major bonus.

I was happy that he felt safe and secure enough with his friends to want to go on an extended playdate with them. But sad at the same time. This was the first night he has ever been away from home when we’ve been here. The house felt rather empty without his presence, even though the little girl was keeping her parents quite occupied with her minute-by-minute demands. Little G was asking about her big brother all night, but seemed satisfied that he would have a good time when we told her where he would be spending the night.

In the morning, the parents dropped him home on their way to pick up their other son who was at another sleepover. As the doorbell rang, I could see L’s face pressed against the glass looking in. I opened it to see his flushed, excited, but somewhat tired looking face. “Hi Mom, where’s G?” he said as he scampered into the house looking for her. My sweet boy, he does love his little sister.

I asked him how the sleepover was. He replied that it was fun, and they fell asleep around midnight. Then I asked him about his schoolwork from the previous day:

Me: How was your spelling test?
L: I got perfect again.
Me: So Mommy owes you another cookie now?
L: No, but you do owe me a hug.

Wise little man. Still my little boy.

And so I complied, holding his precious surfer dude head close to my chest.

Is it possible to love someone more each day? Yes, I think it is.

I guess I'll just have to get used to him flying a little more each day too.

[This is him at 3; what a difference 4 years makes!]


MrsGrumpy said...

That is a beautiful entry. My son, at 9, is still my baby...and allows me to treat him as such (when there is no one else around). They really pull at your heartstrings, don't they?

Christy said...

Glad to see that you did okay too :) I was the first born too, so it was my job to pave the way as well. Oh and just for warning, I noticed that after I paved the way my younger sister seemed to do things at a much earlier age than I did. Yes, we both kept tabs :)

curiositykiller said...

Geez. How perfect can your life be? Perfect mom, perfect sweet and loving little boy, perfect beautiful little princess...

It's like a dream.

C said...

Awwwww! What a sweet post! I knew you'd be able to survive Liam's first sleepover :)

I remember being in elementary school and having slumber parties and going to slumber parties. I grew up with 12 cousins so sleeping over was no big deal for me. I was surprised when I was invited to a sleepover at a friend's house and one of the girls had so much fun...up until bed time. As soon as it was time to go to bed, she'd get these terrible stomachaches and start crying. Sometimes she'd even throw up from her stomachaches.

She was an only child and I found out later on that the separation anxiety was hard on her, but even worse on her mom. Her mom would always come pick her up and bring her home...never fail. Some of the kids and mothers used to wonder why that girl's mom even let her daughter sleepover in the first place if we knew very well that she'd be calling home to be picked up anyway.

For some kids and some parents, being away from home and from each other isn't always as easy as it is for others. It's very interesting though. Even though I had no qualms with sleeping over and my parents didn't mind either, I always sympathized with my friend. It's not a crime to not want to sleep at someone else's house.

I'm happy to hear that Liam's first night away from home was fun and that he adapted well. Sleepovers are so much fun! :)

Sheeeesh! Are the comments we leave on each other's blogs getting longer and longer? LOL!

Dina said...

what a sweet post Karen. That story almost brough tears to my eyes i imagine what will be happening in a few years time when my baby boy gets old enough to sleep over at friends houses...up till now he hasn't even slept at grandma's house !!

Melinda Zook said...

How sweet. I imagine that is how I will feel when my 4 year old goes on his first sleepover. A boy in our neighborhood who is even younger mentioned doing one the other day and I couldn't even imagine it. It seems like it is all going to fast!

gmcountrymama said...

What a sweet lover boy. My daughter has been on a lot of sleepovers, but T who is only 4 hasn't been on any, and I don't plan on ever letting him. At least until he is 30! Just kiddin. Some days I dream about the time when they both go on sleepovers the same night! What will I do...

Cherry said...

Must you bring tears to my eyes right before I go to bed?

"No but you owe me a hug"

I told Eric that little bit too, and he thought it was very cute.

Family Adventure said...

Yeah for Liam, and double yeah for Mommy! :)

That's what I love about the neighbourhood: They are close by, so you know if something's up, they can come right back home. It does give a added sense of security, I think. Needed by moms, not by sons, evidently!


Laural Dawn said...

I loved this entry!
Matthew (he's 3) has had sleepovers with his cousins and grandparents, but I'm not so sure I'd be ready for a non-family sleepover. I've never even let him sleepover at my in-law's!
I remember my first sleepovers with my best friend. I was 6 or 7. She and I still keep in touch. You bond when you're up till midnight :)
PS Yes - you can sooo love someone more every day.

another good thing said...

They start earlier and earlier, don't they?
Happy it went well.

J at said...

Maya is 11 now, and in middle school...she was invited to a party at a girls house who we don't know...she's at a new school, new district, so we don't know any of these people, don't know the parents, nothing. I was kind of freaked out...luckily, she said she didn't want to go. whew. Bullet dodged, for now.

I'm glad he had a great time. :) Some day, when they're older, you can arrange them to be on sleepovers on the same night, and then you have free babysitting, so a date night! Yay!

Beck said...

The other weekend, The Girl was sleeping over at a friend's place and The Boy was sleeping at Grandma and Grandpa's and I felt bereft! Childless! Down to only one baby!

hellomelissa said...

congratulations on living through it!

Anonymous said...

he is a handsome little dude. hes brave too, i remember when my sister went on her first sleepover, she called my parents in the middle of the night wanting to come home.

imaginary binky said...

Ack! My heart is beating fast just thinking about Amos having a sleepover. I watch him now, bouncing in his Jumperoo and yelling at the monkey. I'm not ready for him to grow up! No, ma'am! Haha.


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