Friday, January 11, 2008

Fashion Friday: For a bad hair day

I've always had this thing about hats. As a fashion item, rather than as a functional article of clothing to protect the main source of heat loss on a cold winter's day. In more recent years, I've found my hat wardrobe to be functional on the most important days of all - bad hair days. And it's been a bit of a challenge because I have a big noggin. But according to Chinese wisdom, that's a good thing, big head=big brain. I don't know about that, but I'll run with it.

I've located a few in my closet from yesteryear that I am loathe to throw out because they bring me back to very significant times in my life. So while I sip on my lovely glass of "Vin d'alsace" de Dopff & Irion (2006- lovely year), I'll share with you some headless hatshots of my bygone eras...

This was one of my first big hat purchases, as in, expensive. A very pretty thing that I wore to the baptism of Liam's godsister (that would be about 14 years ago). But, yes, that is netting on it. It reminds me a bit of those hats that women wear to the Queen's Plate or any such horse race. Just about three feet shorter than most of those headpieces. Horse racing and big hats. An interesting mixed race marriage (groan....).

I'm not sure when I bought this one, to tell you the truth, but it must have been just as expensive as the one above because it has its own hat box. Suede with a velvet band. A nice fall hat.

This is my hippie hat, with a Monet-like painting on it. Purchased at a One-of-a-Kind craft show way back when. I remember it well, because I was wearing it to watch the movie "Ghost". I had no idea what the movie was about, we caught it on the first day. I have NEVER cried at a movie like I bawled at that one. My contacts were threatening to fall out, and my brandnew hat was also slipping off my head quite a bit, because, it was a mite small and SAT on my head, rather than having my skull inhabit it.

Russian/ukranian stage. WTF? No other words.

I bought this cute thing, velvet with bling on the front, at an Old Clothing Show. It's vintage, reminded me of the 40's. I wore it a fair bit in university. I can't imagine what people thought of me, after all I was studying SCIENCE. Didn't go that well with the labcoat.

Do you really want to hurt me, do you really want to make me cry... with this hat on, I'm sure some people did. Liam used to get a big kick out of wearing this at playtime when he was about 3 or so. So there is an afterlife in Hatland.

Now for some more recent additions:

I love this one even though Ian thinks it is tacky. It is tartan-like, you know, respect for Ian's ancestors. If I'd known the clan of the pattern, it could have even fit into L's family box. I'm just happy that it fit my head. And for $15 at Winners, price could not be beat.

The following used to be L's favourite hat, which has now been taken over by his little sister. Look at its honoured place on the bannister.

Did I mention that Tremblant was wickedly COLD?! And I didn't have a very warm hat. So on the girlie village shopping day, little G and I picked up the following two toppers:

I dig purple and grey. The Princess bought the cool red one.

Now, one of my favourite hats ever, I purchased in Iceland for my little girl. Look at this beauty:

If it fit my head, I would be wearing it everywhere! Unfortunately my little G inherited my big head genes. So while she can still pull it on her head, it slips upward most of the time. We can't part with it, no matter how small it gets. We'll probably have to put it on G's dolly's heads from here on in. But here she is wearing it when it fit.

And speaking of hats, heads and thinking ... (well, not really, but I was having a really difficult time finding the perfect segue) I was bestowed a blogging award courtesy of Curiosity Killer, my lovely blogging gal pal currently based in Hong Kong. I didn't really think I'd ever qualify for this one. Maybe CK noticed my big head at lunch this past summer.

Not that I'm NOT thinking all the time (or more appropriately *obsessing*), but sometimes I find that my thoughts never really run that deep. I don't think that I'm exceedingly shallow, at least I hope not (mind you, posts like this might make one wonder) but oft times I find my focus in life is on the trivial, and not so much the very important. Although I do tend to be a bit of a Melancholy Miss. But enough over-analysis before someone decides that I'm really not so deserving...

Happy Weekend everyone.


Sandy C. said...

Those are some fine looking hats you have there! Can I please tell you how neat that first one is? It's is very I Love Lucy-ish!!! Love it :)

Congrats on the award! Well deserved :)

louann said...

You do have quite a collection =)

Cingrats on the award!

Curiosity Killer said...

It took me a decade to collect 2 hats... although I love that big hat of yours - if I ever had the occasion, I'd get a big one to rival yours. LOL

And yeah, your head is pretty darn big - I guess the old chinese wives' tales gotta right about something, big head big brains.

re: thinking... I always felt that your way of thinking is just thoughtful enough to be interesting, not over-cooked to be lame, and always entertaining. Yes, I would give your brain a "medium-rare" rating. Fresh but mature. ;)

Badness Jones said...

So cute....I never feel comfortable with a hat on....other than a toque, that is.....

though when I was younger I used to get away with two braids at the sides of my head and a cute little sunhat in the summer....

I love hats on other people though!

jennwa said...

I like the Mickey hat and the orange hat you purchased in Iceland.

I have a small head and so do my kids, I guess we have small brains, that explains a lot.
Cute post.

Don Mills Diva said...

Great hats - LOVE that plaid one. Congrats on the award!

Rima said...

I wish I could pull it off, but I'm just not a hat person. I love your collection, especially the vintage ones.

Kellan said...

No - you are very deserving of the great award - congratulations! And, I loved this post about all of your great hats!! I love all of them and am so jealous that you wear them and are able to wear them. I can not wear hats as I look rediculous in all hats - but I love hats. Great Post - have a good weekend Karen - see you later. Kellan

Family Adventure said...

I love that hat that Giselle wears. I love the style and I love the colour. It rocks!

I have a big head, too...btw. Does the Chinese saying also cover Scandinavian gened people? I'd finally have something over Mike, then, who is forever making fun of my head size!

Hope you are having a good weekend, Ms. Thinking Blogger extraordinaire!


Shawna said...

I love your hats! And Giselle's hat is adorable too!


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