Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Long and Winding Post

Now that I'm not blogging on a daily basis I've found that my posts have lengthened in order to make up for the days in between. My subconscious need to complete a blognovel of silly thoughts seems to surface in between days. So in my ever-increasing compulsion to multi-task, I combine this post with my regular "Weekly Winners" post (thanks to the ever-awesome and ever-hilarious Sarcastic Mom for starting this fun photo meme).

I think I shared with you the monumental milestone that G is now potty-trained. Every so often in the car, she'll utter "I've got to go pee-pee.". We've been very proud of her letting us know so diligently, but during the long drive that we recently did to and from the ski hills of Quebec, she said that a few times. To which her parents replied, "That's great G, thanks for telling us. Do you think you can hold it?"

And she said "No, I can't hold it!" Her brother repeated that he was holding it until the next gas station, and she got further frustrated, screaming again "I CAN'T hold it."

Then it dawned on me... she has nothing to "hold". Unlike her brother. Because she now knows the anatomical parts that make her and her brother different. Boys have "peanuts" which they can hold. Girls have "butts called the China", which they can't really hold. So we re-phrased the question: "Can you wait until we stop to find a washroom G?". And she replied: "Okay." It's all in how you ask the question, isn't it?


In order to capture so many precious (blog) moments of my life, I decided to pull out this lovely journal that I've had for a while and populate it with fabulously lucid nuggets to further embellish on my online journal.

I brought it down to breakfast with me yesterday, and shared this with my partner as he was perusing the weekend paper.

Me: I think I'll start journalling.
The Man: Gerbilling? What?
Me: Journalling. I promise not to involve you in any of my gerbilling activities from here on in, though.

And since this blog shall remain PG rated, I won't get into other words that came up in our further conversation. I guess I did leave a fairly sheltered life prior to meeting hubs, thank goodness I have Ian to share his extensive knowledge of choice vocabulary with me. Courtesy of his obsession with Howard Stern perhaps?


I borrowed the following CD from the library because there is no way I would ever consider buying it.
I usually consider his work overly schmaltzy, sentimental, and YEARNING. But I've been really enjoying the single "Somebody's Me" everytime it comes on the radio lately.

Guess what? I actually LIKE the rest of the CD. Especially all the songs sung in Spanish... whooo, get me a fan and some water. Hot.

Boy, I must be getting schmaltzy, sentimental and yearning in my horny old age. Even Ian would love to be able to sing like him... would the legions of women falling at Enrique's feet have anything to do with it? Hmmmmm.


What happens when previously sheltered toys are evicted from their premises...

My associate publisher holding the aforementioned journal:

A Friday flyer find

(Honestly, even if you LOVE wolves, even if you DANCE with them, this is a bodyless wolf head perched on a stick. Doesn't belong anywhere in your household let alone your shelf, even if it is wondrously sale-priced.)

And we have island closure of sorts! We finally bought some counter stools for the kitchen. Lurve...


Tasina said...

I love that counter stool. Groovy!

Secret Agent Mama said...

Great pics for the week!

Family Adventure said...

That wolf lamp has me speechless...

But the stool is lovely. Very sleek and modern. Me likes.

And Ian cracks me up...he really does. :)


Julie said...

Great pictures...

That wolf head is creepy. (When I read the caption -- where you called it a find -- I first thought "wow. She really likes wolves." I was relieved

My kids loved to dump everything out and sit in boxes, laundry baskets, toy boxes. I guess loving the box is a universal kid thing!

Julie said...

oops...didn't finish the comment!

I was rather relieved to see you weren't actually lusting after the creepy wolf head on a stick thing.

C. K. said...

It's really funny the story with Giselle. Can't hold it... LOL And it's great that you figured out what she interpreted as -- if we were like that when we were kids, our moms would probably scream at us "YOU HAVE TO WAIT!" then we'll clue in. LOL

Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

Cool shots... but I was cracking up at the "can you hold it?" story. Classic!

Suzanne said...

Great pictures! Love that associate publisher!

tiff said...

Wonderful photos!
Love the associate publisher

MP said...

I CAN'T HOLD IT...LOL!!!!!!!

Man those are lots of toys!! Cute pics!

gmcountrymama said...

I panicked for a second when I thought I had missed a number of your posts!
"China" Hilarious!
I love the weekly winners as usual, very cute.
My local library doesn't have music CD's, I think I should suggest that.

Marylin said...

great pics :)

melissa said...

Cool stool! Very retro!

And the wolf on the stick, not so cool.

But a funny holding it story...when Thing 2 was about 2 or so, he would grab himself and ask me if it was his tail.

Badness Jones said...

I lurve the stool! And "butts called the China"? LOL!

Beth said...

The wolf head on a stick still has me scratching my head!

Jocelyn said...

Great stools--fun post--especially the "gerbiling" (you ARE growing up, eh?). The whole "I can't hold it" made me hoot, too!

another good thing said...

ooh I almost bought the same stools at TARGET- but went with the round scoop seat instead at $59 each

alison said...

The "I can't hold it" story is priceless. Reminds me of when Rae was about 2 and she was in her bedroom and was hollering for me. I was in the bathroom putting a band-aid on Leah's skinned knee, and, in response to the 40th yelled "mama!", I called back, "in a minute, Rachel, hold your horses!" There was a puzzled silence, and then a little voice called out, "but I don't have any horses, Mama."

bec said...

Butts called the China--now that is priceless!!!! (In our house, it's a dong-a-ja and dingle dangle but I think Butts called .

The wolf on the stick bwa ha ha. Who comes up with these things.

How's the gerbilling going? Nice to know the gerbilling is a family business with an associate publisher in the family.

Well, I must say that's a might fine pic of the girls in the basket. They keep me laughing with their antics.

jennwa said...

Great weekly winner pics.
I love the pee-pee story too.Very cute.

Kellan said...

Yippie for the potty training and I loved the pictures!

Hey - thanks for coming over and leaving the well wishes - I am fine - only need to remember about that bra thing the next time I ever have to call 911. Hope to see you tomorrow. Kellan

Christy said...

I love the stools...had my eye on those too actually, so you have very good taste ;) Plus the butts called the china had me peeing my pants laughing! Thanks, I need that today.

Sandy C. said...

I love that stool! LOL I love the pics of the daughter does the same when old toys come out after months in hiding :)


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