Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Stool Redux

(I don't even want to know what Google searches this title will bring here...)

After lugging the three counter stools and sample kitchen chair home on Sunday, Ian opened up the box, pulled out the first stool and and plunked it by the island. We knew right away that it didn't work. The espresso wood on the stool was still not dark enough, and the overall size seemed to overwhelm our space. Sigh.

We called the store immediately and asked if we could switch them with the other model we had also looked at. In black leather. We were fortunate that they have a couple in stock. So by mid week we will have these in our kitchen:

Of course, I had shown my sister a photo of the ones we originally purchased, as she thought we had ordered these. She was very diplomatic on the weekend, but when I told her we were exchanging them for the Lem model, she fessed up and said that she thought these were better anyway. The mechanism on the other one was too bulky. I guess that's why she's a designer and I'm not.

The funniest thing was, when Ian returned the chairs yesterday and explained why it didn't work in our kitchen, the fellow said to him that he understood -- he knows that designer types like IAN can be very discriminating, so it was no surprise that we returned them.

DESIGNER Ian?!!!! Guffaw! Hubs didn't say anything. And he wasn't even wearing head-to-toe black. He couldn't get over the hilarity of it.

So that was my joke of the day. Colin and Justin better watch their backs!


Badness Jones said...

I like the new one better too!

kailani said...

LOL! We're looking for someone to redecorate our home. Is he available?

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Curiosity Killer said...

Yeah it's funny how people speculate. I've been mistaken for a lawyer. Pffft - ha ha ha ha ha.

Anyway, love the new ones. Must be such a pain to redo your kitchen. What's next? The backyard? The porch?

Family Adventure said...

Now that you've shown us these, I have to say - they are sleeker than the first model. I'm sure you'll love them. What colour?


Sandy C. said...

Very nice :)
LOL,...I bet he got a kick outta that one ;)

Rima said...

Ah, yes. You must be a designer type if you're well dressed, right?


melissa said...

I like the new ones better, too. :)

And today I talk about G-strings. Of course I mean my cello. So I should get all kinds of interesting hits as well.

familymclean said...

What a riot! Love the new chairs!!!!

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Those stools are great. Very mod!

Becca said...

When I write blog titles, I always think about what the google searches will bring.

bmg said...

That's too funny.

I love the new stools. Great choice!


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