Monday, February 11, 2008

Manic Monday: Heart

Valentine's Day highlights for me throughout the years:
  • when I was a little kid and would look forward to Valentine's Day for the expressions of love during the February popularity contest. Thank goodness nowadays you get a class list.
  • receiving my first dozen roses as a pre-teen from my "first" boyfriend (he wore safety pins down both sides of his jeans, how cool was that!);
  • receiving roses from admirers during homeroom in senior year; and not just from a boyfriend, but also friendship roses.
  • perhaps my first Valentine's Day with my hubby as a boyfriend; but that was eons ago, and more likely I was just thrilled to be spending the time with him during the long distance part of the relationship.
  • a bouquet of roses sent by hubby to me at the office. But that was more to impress the girls; or perhaps because we had had a fight.

    See how much the actual Valentine's occasion really means to me? It's just such a commercial Hallmark occasion. I even made the mistake of starting to get the kids Valentine's Day presents the last couple of years and to what end? Just more clutter in the house. No, I don't think we'll keep that tradition up, although the timing of the Wii might certainly qualify.

    Other than fulfilling the annual tradition for our kids and their classmates, we don't partake in the festivities as a couple. I'd prefer to celebrate our relationship throughout the year, when it's convenient for us and we don't have to battle the crowds at the restaurants. So sentimental, I am. Just wear my heart on my sleeve.

    Random heart music references just in time for Valentine's week:

    Heart - Anne and Nancy Wilson. Loved the hair, and I still think to this day, Annie has the best rock-chick voice ever. Barracuda, Dreamboat Annie, Crazy On that was classic rock.

    Heart-shaped box - Nirvana. Creepy video. Haunting song.

    Heart of Glass - Blondie. Disco ruled.

    Groove is in the Heart - Dee-Lite. Dig.

    Heartbreaker - Don't you mess around with me. Toughie Pat Benatar.

    Secret Heart - Feist, as written by Ron Sexsmith. Love her version. Too bad it was the year of Amy and she took all the Grammys last night. Feist will have her time.

    C said...

    LOVE the random heart music references! I was going to post something like that, but you beat me! ;) I think it's those super fast typing fingers of yours! LOL!

    Ginaagain said...

    Heart of Glass... what great memories I have tied to that song.

    Feist's time should be now!

    Family Adventure said...

    I hear ya on the Valentine's thing. Doesn't do a lot for me...but I'll take the good chocolate, though.

    Heidi :)

    Badness Jones said...

    Love the random heart music! My most vivid Valentine's Day memory? I was in grade 2, and it was the day of my class party. I was wearing my special shirt, with a heart print and little red heart shaped buttons. I had a rash, and my mom took me to the doctor on the way to school. It was scarlet fever and I had to go home. You can imagine the tantrum! Poor me.

    Maria said...

    I love Feist!

    Beth said...

    I'm with you...I'm not a big fan of this holiday either.

    Kami said...

    You are so right! I like doing the valentine's cards with the kids but beyond that? Who cares? More candy and junk that's all!

    I love Heart, they rocked!

    Huckdoll said...

    I love Heart of Glass and Blondie. Cute post! I enjoyed reading it!

    Kellan said...

    I have also made the mistake of giving my children gifts during Valentine's Day and I need to stop that too - it's just not necessary and it is for couples, isn't it? My husband and I don't necessarily do anything special - some years we go to dinner or something and I am always happy to get jewelry - but it's not necessary either. Take care and I'll see you soon Karen. Kellan

    Laura said...

    Leonard and I never did the "valentine/romance" thing either. Each year the kids and I would pick a place or a celebration and have a party at home. One year we did Mardi Gras. The kids and I researched it, made decorations and masks, and I cooked jambalaya and a few other dishes. I would buy a small gift for each of their plates and we would spend the evening all together.


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