Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

So the secret to being a successful Stay At Home/Work At Home mom is the schedule, correct?

By George, I think she's got it after three years! This lacksidasical, flexi-mom schedule just doesn't cut it anymore. Let's hop to it!

Tuesday To Do List:

1. Make breakfast and lunch for big boy – Check
2. Make coffee for big girl and bigger boy, get the girlie her breakfast- Check
3. Book birthday party for big boy - Check
4. Bring girlie to preschool, spend 10 minutes prying her off of me while she cries and pulls at me... rush home before having to pick her up again in less than 2 hours– Check
5. Have conference call with client – Check
6. Prepare business profile – Half check
7. Set up the life schedule that should have been set up about 3 years ago – Huh?
8. Pick up girlie and go to supermarket for ingredients for dinner – Check
9. Add chocolate bunny sucker for whining girlie while picking up said ingredients –Check
10.Make lunch for big girl and girlie – Check
11. Clean up family room and try to engage girlie in this activity – Check
12.Pick up big boy for dental appointment– Check
13. Quick stop at Zellers to check for Bakugan as big boy was so good at the dentist; no luck, but kids dilly-dally anyway. Rush home to get dinner in oven - shoot, it's late! – Check

13a. Make an appointment in a schedule to set up the life schedule that should have been set up 3 years ago.

And it's now Thursday.

Oh my crap.


Cheffie-Mom said...

Wow, you sound busy...but very organized. I wish I was more like that lol. I make to-do lists... but then I seem to misplace them! Hehe. Anyways I just found your blog and I love it! I am new at blogging and just started a blog called "I Overcooked My Family". I would love to chat! Hope you have a great Easter :)

Cherry said...

I love that you did Tuesday's list for your Thursday Thirteen.

Kami said...

Um, I need the same schedule. Can you copy it for me?


Oh heck, I'd probably just lose it in the pile of crap on the catch all cubboard anyway.

Karen said...

I'm tired for you.

Beck said...

I was just thinking to myself about what an unscheduled free-spirit I am and then realized that no, I'm really, really not - I do the same things every day.

Kimmylyn said...

1. I am really tired reading ur list.. that was way to much stuff..

2. I laughed outloud that the list was for Tues.. that sounds a lot more like me..LOL

Motherhood for Dummies said...

I am just know starting to understand the importance of a check list

Sandy C. said...

Oh my crap indeed! That is quite a full schedule!

jennyonthespot said...

Dude - you got a lot done! I'm impressed, and a wee bit jealous :)

C. K. said...

Oh you know you love it when little Giselle clings on to you. admit it. ;)

dkuroiwa said...

Tuesday...on Thursday?? Good idea!
Yesterday was a holiday here so I've been trying to do Monday's schedule today (Friday!).

I always make lists...not as detailed as yours, but lists nonetheless...never fails, that at about #2 or #3..."Talk to best friend in America on phone" gets moved up and messes with the whole schedule!!!
Better for me to just live by "the seat of my pants"!!!

another good thing said...

HAH! I love making lists.
1. because I feel productive
2. I can leave them around where people will think I really am productive.

C said...

It's crazy how much stuff needs to get done in a day. People often say things like "I have so much that needs to get done, but not enough hours in a day to get everything done!" I personally don't ever wish for more hours in a day. If we had more hours in a day, we'd only end up finding more things to get done! It's never-ending! Ahhhhhhhh!!!

Hope you guys have a great Easter weekend!! Are the kids going Easter egg hunting or is Liam too big ( for that now? :) TTYS! xoxo

C said...

P.S. I am still so impressed at that list of yours!!! You sound so under control! You are soooooooo organized!!! :)

quirkee james said...

:lol: That sounds a lot like my days!

Blog Hoppin' early this weekend! I'm sick from too much :beer: last week.

Stacey @Real World Mom said...

And I'm exhausted just reading your list! Bless you!

Urban Daddy said...

Whew. I'm tired just reading that list!

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Sounds like we may live in the same part of the city.

Call me Ms. Maxwell said...

You do ALL THAT in a day? Oh my crap is right. BTW, that is a variation of a Mormon cuss phrase -- oh my heck. Do you speak Mormon? ;-)


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