Thursday, May 15, 2008

Throwback Thursday - Prom Season

I've still got not a heck of a lot in terms of writing for the blog this week. Maybe I'm just getting caught up in the mundaneness of my life, after all, researching and measuring and comparing washer/dryer combinations is just about my favourite past-time, next to watching paint dry.

So I'm falling back upon the "Throwback Thursday" tradition over at Pinks and Blues Girls. You really should check these ladies out if you haven't already; they were among the first of my many *snort* readers, and they have a wonderful blog.

Besides, what isn't fun about posting a picture of yourself when you were much, much, younger, much, much cuter, and so much thinner? I'll admit I stole this idea from the blogosphere, so in honour of prom season, here is me all dolled up for the Senior Formal in high school:

(Please pardon my lack of electronic editing capability; when all else fails, Post-it hails).

The fella in the photo is my very first real boyfriend ever, the one that I went ga-ga over and my parents did not really like... more because he wasn't what you called exactly ambitious, but who is as a teenager? In any case, he was a distraction from studies, and that was all sorts of bad. He was a decent guy, we broke up, had the revolving door relationship, but I eventually outgrew him. Some things are not worth reliving through Facebook.

The dress ...this is the dress my mother wore at her wedding reception, slit up to THERE ... stunning, stunning, I know, and it was made especially to her measurements. I was about 16 in this picture, and the dress was a size less than zero. Mom had a whole trunkload of cheongsam saved up in case she ever had daughters.

I went nuts in high school, because I could actually get into them. The last time I wore anything from her trunk, I was 18 years old, for my grad. It would have been wonderful to be able to wear that at my own wedding, but alas, by the time that came around, I could only fit one leg into it. I actually had my very own made for our wedding reception - a picture that I'll have to dig out from the relics at some point. And I bet I can only fit one leg into THAT one too... I don't even want to go there!

(Edited to add:

for the Prom blog carnival over at Mommy martini's: this was actually my first "formal", in grade 12. We went to Fantasy Farm, yeah, great spot, it was as glamorous as the name. But anyway, it was fun, at least what I remember of it. You see, I think I got really drunk on "Brown Cows" but at least did not mess the dress up.

For my final year grad, I wore a lavendar, flapper style chiffon number which looked as lovely as it sounds, complete with a lace polka-dotted sash. And lace gloves to match my Madonna Asian perm and pull the look completely together. For some reason in my senior year I though the cheongsam were so passe. Guess why I don't have a single picture of that event? I must have burned them all. So the above is the "prom" dress I'd like to remember, mostly because I actually fit in it.

Stayed out all night and headed back to school in the morning in the same outfit. What wild kids we were. Something about growing up in Scarberia; they've graduated to shootings and gangland stabbings in that neighbourhood now.)


Karen said...

That dress rocks! Or at least it did for it's time.

Stacey @Real World Mom said...

Beautiful photo! That dress is amazing! I can't wait to see the pic of your wedding dress!

Life As I Know It said...

oooh, I love that dress!

Kami said...

That dress is gorgeous, how cool is it that you mom wore it!

My mom saved her wedding dress for me but UGH. She got married in the winter in 1970....

It was sweet though.

Laski said...

Seriously, you are gorgeous. I posted a prom pic a couple weeks ago . . . oh, the memories.

Family Adventure said...

LOL! Post it note!!!!

The dress is gorgeous, absolutely stunning. What a great change from all the horrific prom pictures around :)


dkuroiwa said...

That is a gorgeous dress!! And didn't we all have a "loser" boyfriend, or two, in high school!!
Proms were pretty much not fun for me...never really had a boyfriend during that season and the one time I did...well...let's just say that it's sad~~I don't wanna remember~~and I got my revenge.
Maybe when I come for coffee/tea/margarittas, you and I and Heidi can spend a couple of hours sharing "sob" stories!!! :-D
Then, we can get to the good stuff!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Sandy C. said...

That dress is gorgeous on you! My grandmother on my dad's side was the one with all the cheongsam. Too bad her cleavage is twice mine. All her dresses looked like Chef hats on me (loose on top and tight at the base)

Ahh, I remember that post about facebook. I've left Myspace for something like that...

C. K. said...

You're still skinny, lady. Me? I'll be lucky if I can even fit that negative size 2 cheongsam over my head.


C said...

GAH! I totally forgot to post my Throwback Thursday this week!!!

You look AMAZING in that photo! At least your prom dress was a classic dress! Mine? Purple...sequins...ALL OVER. Enough said.

Although, my bridesmaids at my wedding all wore champagne coloured Chinese dresses (that we got in Chinatown in Toronto...dirt cheap AND gorgeous)!!! My bridesmaids and maid of honour looked HAAAAWWWWWT!!! They were all laughing because like you said, the slit was way, way, way up to THERE!!! We had the photos taken on the beach and because of the slits in the dresses, the girls needed to all be lifted and carried on top of the rocks for the photo shoot! LOL!

BTW, Besides, what isn't fun about posting a picture of yourself when you were much, much, younger, much, much cuter, and so much thinner? OMG, Karen!!! You are STILL young, cute AND thin! I know because I was so jealous that you are even more gorgeous and youthful in person!!!! XOXOX ;)

yellojkt said...

That was a great dress. A high slit silk dress is always hawt.

My son's friends all have prom pictures up on Facebook and the dresses all look horrible. Way too short and they look like baby doll lingerie. Not a good look.

Kimmylyn said...

That dress is HOT. LOVE IT!

Karen said...

Hi! Dropping by from Mommy's Martini.
That dress is gorgeous! Sadly I last fit into my mother's wedding dress for a mother daughter banquet at church, in 9th grade! Now neither she or I could fit a thigh in that dress! On the bright side, I've never been truly hungry a day in my life.

BusyDad said...

Those dresses never go out of style in my book. But I already left you an "I love Chinese dresses" comment so I'll leave you with "Way cool old-school picture editing skillz you got there! Who needs photoshop when you've got post-it notes!" Just posted my prom tale as well!

Aimeepalooza said...

Yes, I love the dress too. Way better than my baggy "Uh huh," girl dress!

Natalie said...

I adore that dress!

MommyTime said...

Wow, that dress is gorgeous. I'll bet the lavendar one was too -- it's a shame you don't have a picture of that one too. Isn't it funny that so many of us find ourselves longing for the teenager bodies that fit into those dresses, even though I doubt many (if any) of us would trade our lives now for the drama of high school? Thanks so much for participating in Prom Night again!


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