Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - I love my DVD

Since becoming a parent, the chances of me seeing a first-run movie in the theatre run from minimal to nil. The DVD has become my best friend.

The bonus is that our local library has a wonderful selection of all sorts of films, and are starting to get their DVD's almost as soon as the video rental store. So my choice has been to go the free route.

While I cross my fingers that I will actually be able to watch the Sex and the City movie in a dark theatre, here's a selection of the most recent 13 DVD's, along with mini-reviews, that I have watched in the comfort of my own family room:

1/ Dan in Real Life: watched this last night. I love Steve Carell, and Juliette Binoche - yes, a quirky combination, and it was an ensemble film including other familiar faces such as Dane Cook (?!), Dianne Wiest, John Mahoney... Usually when there are so many name actors, it works against the film, but it was such a pleasant surprise. A funny, touching love story about family, parenthood and finding love again in the wrong places.

2/ Atonement: Just *Wow*. What an epic; Keira Knightley was beautiful, James McAvoy's performance so heartbreakingly poignant. I love a great love story, and this was a very romantic film. Also about how one mistake can set off a chain of events with impact to last a lifetime.

3/ There Will Be Blood: I wish I could figure out how the audiocast works - I would demonstrate my best impression of Daniel Day Lewis in this film. I'm told by hubby that I'm pretty good - mind you, it helps to have had a couple of beers ahead of time. An amazing actor; crazy intensity - what a well-deserved Oscar.

4/ Juno: I really liked this movie. The performances were quite real, despite the fact that I doubt there are teenagers who talk like that in real life. Maybe I just haven't met any. Oscar nominations again, were so well -deserved, as were the wins. Yay for Canadian content.

5/ Away from Her: Another great film, although hard for me to watch. We've experienced Alzheimer's first hand in this family. Although it was indeed a love story, I watched it without hubby; I could not imagine seeing my spouse forget me and fall in love with someone else. Oy. Yay again for Canadian content - go Sarah!

6/ The Lives of Others: Won the 2006 Best Foreign Film Oscar. I loved this film, not knowing much about Stasi, and what went on in East Germany before the wall came down. Fascinating depiction of what a horrible situation it was, and how even the hardest people are human.

7/ Music and Lyrics: Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant? I usually like both of them individually, but here - no chemistry. Sorry. Sat through it and cried but not for the right reasons.

8/ Shopgirl: I love Claire Danes - she just shines in this film. Jason Schwartzmann - I have really liked him since Rushmore - really quirky actor. But Steve Martin creeped me out a bit in this role. Although I'm sure these things happen all the time, but the older man/ sugar daddy thing was a bit disturbing for me. Funny moments though, courtesy of Jason.

9/ The Queen: Helen Mirren IS Elizabeth in this film. Perfectly portrayed.

10/ Conversations with Other Women: Aaron Eckhart and Helena Bonham Carter were great in this movie. It's a talking film, and it's basically just the two of them. The filming in split screen is unique, and the tension between the two of them is palpable. Acting is superb.

11/ Mistress of Spices: Beautiful Aishwarya Rai, hunky Dylan McDermott. Lovely depiction of the mystical, with romance. But didn't quite do it for me. No chemistry either. Maybe I kept trying to imagine myself in her place ... as if!

12/ Bread and Tulips: Very cute Italian movie about a housewife who feels under appreciated by her husband and two sons, and takes off on a "vacation" of sorts. She meets up with a hilarious cast of characters, and finds herself again.

13/ Good Luck Chuck: Huh? Yeah, me too. Couldn't get past the first half of it. Dane Cook is really such a goofball and annoyingly so in this one. I think there must have been NOTHING on the shelves that day.

Happy Thursday!


Slick said...

Aaahh, I pick he one with Jessica Alba :)

I haven't heard of half of the movies you have listed...proves I'm sheltered I guess

LunaNik said...

Ok, I have a bone to pick with you missy...

How, how, how could you not like Music and Lyrics??? I've watched that movie like a billion times and I can't get enough!!

Life As I Know It said...

I loved The Lives of Others and Juno - both were outstanding.
We are dvd watchers too...

Kimmylyn said...

What is terrible is that I have only seen one of those movies.. Juno.. and I loved that movie..

I am going to see SATC tomorrow.. weeee!!!

Simon said...

You can't go to the cinema? Haven't you found a babysitter you can trust?
Anyway, I'd agree with you about Dan in Real Life, There Will Be Blood, Juno, Lives of Others and The Queen.

dkuroiwa said... i may just print out this list and take it to the states when we go in july because i have seen NONE of these and WANT to see most of them!!!

Dan In Real Life and Juno are probably on the top of my list!!
I would love to buy tons of DVD's in the States, but...sadly...they don't run on our players over here. ~~sigh~~I hate rules and regulations!!!

April said...

So was Bread and Tulips good? 'Cuz that's one of the few that I haven't either already seen (via Netflix, of course) or isn't already on my queue that sounds really interesting.

Jenny said...

Juno was a great movie. I wish I had gotten the box with the ipod stickers though. :(

C said...

Great movies, Karen!

Away from Her...WOW! Can I tell you how much I bawled my eyes out???? That movie had me in tears! I watched it with my Mom and we were both sitting there with a box of tissues, tears streaming down our faces...

I still haven't seen JUNO!!! I am going to rent it this week. It's been something I've wanted to see ever since J wrote her review on it months ago!!!

BTW, I've tagged you for a meme. You don't have to do it though! LOL! ;) Have a great weekend! XOXO

Monday through Sunday said...

I want to see Dan in real fam loved it! As for Juno..I know I may be the few..but I could not stand that movie. Great reviews! I like this idea for a TT! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!!

gmcountrymama said...

I just saw Sex in the City at the theater. It was the first movie out I have seen for a really long time. I loved it and I never watched the TV show. Now I will have to rent that!
I loved Dan in Real Life and I read Atonement and plan on renting it.

louann said...

I'd want to watch Juno. I want to see how they dealt with pregnancy at an early age.

I had my eldest when I was just 19. hmmm...

thanks for the list.


I actually haven't seen any of these movies. I almost bought Music & Lyrics the other day. You gave me a lot of movies to add to my list. :-)


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