Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Family conversations at the home of "Yo Gabba Gabba" *

As the rugrats are served their lunch, consisting of their favourite sandwich and fries …

The girlie: Daddy, how come a boy can eat a Girl’s cheese sandwich?

The boy: It's not a girl's cheese, it's a grilled cheese. And it was my favourite first!


Typical weekend morning:

The boy asks his sister: “Do you know where Dad is?”

The girlie makes her way to a closed door. The washroom door.

She yells through the door: “Hey Daddy, are you having a hard time in there?”

Her Dad: “I’m doing OK”.

Girlie heads back into the family room to report to her brother.

“Daddy’s taking a while, but he says he’s not having a hard time in there!”

The boy: “Oh. Thanks.”


Talking about snacking…

The boy: "Hey Dad, do you like nuts?"

Dad: "They’re OK. Not the biggest fan, though."

The boy: "Well, I like them, especially the horseshoe nuts."

Dad: "What kind of nuts? I don’t think I’ve ever had them before. "

The boy: "You haven’t? Are you sure? Mom loves them too."

Me: "What was that? I do? What’s a horseshoe nut? I’ve never had them…"

The boy (in frustration): "MOM, you know, horseshoes, they’re amazing. I pick them out and we fight over them… "

Me (thinking ... horseshoes, horseshoes … brain cramp…): "Oh, you mean CASHEWS!! "

(* this is a weird show, even perhaps weirder than Teletubbies and I come pretty close to detesting its weirdness; but for some crazy reason it's on whenever I turn on Treehouse TV for the girlie. And I am forbidden to change the station. Maybe I should check the TV guide...)


Miss said...

Bwahaha I love Girl Cheese sandwhiches too!

Those two are a crack up!

Pregnantly Plump said...

Hi! I found your blog through LaskiGal.
Those stories are great!

Sandy C. said...

ROFL at the Girl Cheese sandwiches!!! That is so adorable :)

Oh the joys of siblings ;)

bec said...

Oh my gosh you're cracking me up! Too funny--on Sunday my SIL made my dd (same age as lil G) a grilled cheese sandwich and my dd was asking "is my little Girl Cheese sandwich ready?" (SIL told her she was making her a little sandwich [weight watchers bread])

Glad dh had no bathroom troubles! lol

Mmmm horseshoe nuts, my favourite!

We are also a home of Yo Gabba Gabba and to make things even worse In the Night Garden!! Why doesn't that IGgle piggle ever sleep? lol

April said...

LOL - at least they didn't embarass their dad in public :)

louann said...

Funny funny funny! Girl cheese sandwich and horsehoes! Yum!!

Karen said...

I love horseshoe nuts too. They're my very favorites.

Kathryn said...

Hehehe. They are so cute!

Yo Gabba Gabba is forbidden in my house. Gives me the creeps.

Beck said...

Daily life with kids is just hilarious - and your kids are cracking me up. Ha!

Maggie, Dammit said...


I especially love "girl's cheese."

Kids are so awesome. Even though they drive me crazy. They really are awesome.

Kimmylyn said...

I love the girl cheese sandwiches story.. ahahaha..

PS.. I love the new look here..I have been MIA lately but I am back now.. and the new design is wonderful!!!

Maureen said...

Girl Cheese! Love that one!!!

C said...

Bahahahaha!!! Gotta love those kinds of conversations!

Thanks for the laughs today, Karen! I really needed this! :) xoxo

Ed (zoesdad) said...

That is funny, though a girl cheese sandwich does not sound all that appetizing.

Sometimes you get the feeling that with kids all you do is try to interpret conversations all day long.

Kami said...

All cute, thanks for the morning chuckle...I am way behind on me reader just finally getting a chance to catch up :-)

ALF said...

Girl Cheese sandwiches. I am going to use that from now on.


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