Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: catching up

Since September started, I feel like my life is a handful of sand, with all the grains slipping through my fingers. I don't know what it is, I just feel overwhelmed ...I can't keep up. Sort of like I'm doing the "running-man" and getting nowhere fast.

Hence, very little "real" blogging going on for me, and I'm really missing it. Not just the writing, but the bloghopping, and I'm not even getting to my regular reads. I am really, really missing the community. I find that you only get back what you put in, and lately, it's not happening for me. I am finding minimal to no blog time.

Perhaps because of the following:

1/ It's the first time both kids are in school. I think I'm still feeling the adjustment of having my baby girl in school, and on top of that, her taking the bus. She loves it, but that only makes me feel marginally better.

2/ Even though the girlie started kindergarten this year, and I do get a couple of hours free in the morning, the time WHIPS by. I feel I get nothing accomplished in that time.

3/ Nothing accomplished likely because I went from zero to 2 work projects within a one week period. With timelines in the weeks, rather than months. Yay for some pay; but how is this supposed to work with a kindergartener still at home half the day? Things that make you go " hmmmmm....?"

4/ One of these projects required onsite consultation with over an hour commute. Traffic, what the hell is that??!!! Now I remember why I hate commuting.

5/ Hubby's work travel has picked up again. Let's see now, he's away 2.5 weeks out of 4, including the weekend. Nice. I am just in awe of single parents. Totally and utterly.

6/ My trips to the gym were few and far between in the summer. You'd think that all this running around would help me stay in shape. Not really, I just feel constantly stressed, out of breath and in a rush. So I've been catching up, big time. The pain, oh the pain.

7/ I am not cooking enough and eating more prepared foods. Just to keep up with the pace. This is horrid, I know. If I could only get my act together and plan accordingly. So I think my unhealthy eating habits are affecting my energy level.

8/ With hubby away, I have no one to drink with. No, stop laughing, I'm serious here. My bottle of ready-to-pour Mojito is just sitting there, as are some lovely bottles of Argentinian and Washington wine, and some Niagara rieslings.

Drinks to lower my stress level. Maybe I need one now.

9/ The lessons have started. I feel guilty because my boy wants music lessons for the first time this year and I have yet to book them, primarily because I'm hesitant to do more running around. Isn't that awful? I need to get my act together to maybe find someone who will come to the house; but that may cost a mint.

He's so cute, he offered just to take lessons online to save time and money. He's only 8, sometimes his maturity astounds me.

10/ I am just uninspired. I am missing those "a-ha" bloggable moments, those little nuggets of life that usually just have me tickled pink to write about.

11/ I can't get to sleep much before midnight every night. I've always been a nightowl, but I thought the theory was that as you got older, you didn't need as much sleep. I'm blowing that theory out the window; I almost feel like taking a nap every afternoon. Usually at about the time I have to go pick the boy up from school.

12/ The new TV season has started, and it's so much easier to sit down in front of "So You Think you can Dance Canada", enjoy the pure talent and dream about "what if"... than coming up with an intellectually stimulating blog post. With the big shot season premieres coming up in the next couple of weeks (Lipstick Jungle, Eli Stone, Grey's, CSI ...), the blog will be in dire straits, just dire.

Oh who am I kidding, I don't have energy to get up off my arse and turn the computer on after I've gotten the kids to bed. One button on the remote is about all I can handle.

13/ The computer screen is bugging me, I think. Because now I have actual WORK on my computer that needs to be done. For the longest time my computer was my salvation, away from all the baby, kidstuff, my escape to write. About anything and everything ... except about work.

The newspaper, now that's what I've been getting into. Having a kick at old school.

I think I've just started a new stage in life; and it's all about adjusting to my new reality.

So if I post a little less for the next while ...


Joyful Days said...

Time really does seem to be flying by. We've got the part-time single parent thing going here, too. I'm not doing it well.

I hadn't thought about that movie in a long time. Fun video.

Happy TT!

Alice Audrey said...

I totally see why you can't blog as much. Bummer.

Ginaagain said...

I don't think the less sleep thing kicks in until you are old enough to be able to sleep all you want... as long as there are kids living in your house you will be sleep deprived.

It's also a myth that sending the kids off to school means that you get countless empty hours to do whatever you want. Time is like money.. it never feels like you have enough.

Don't be so hard on yourself. You really are very busy! Hopefully it will get easier after the first few weeks of school are over and everyone settles into a routine.

Badness Jones said...

HUgs. I've got more to say, but right now Bad is trying to get on top of the piano.

xoxo Sarah

J at said...

You're doing great. Don't stress yourself out. And remember when it comes to your boy and lessons, that he may often want to do a lot of extra curricular activities, which even while he loves them all, can add up to a stressed out child. We want it all for our kids...a foreign language, a sport, an instrument...and all are valuable and worthwhile, but too much is too much, on them and on you. You'll figure it out. So cut yourself some slack, OK?

Kami said...

I have been missing you girl but it sounds to me like blogging is just another thing on your list of things to do and it's long enough. I hope the crazyness settles and you can get back to doing what you love.

And I just found out today that Emmanual Sandu in on SYTHYCD Canada. I have to watch that, his ego is too big to miss ;-)

dkuroiwa said...

There must be something in the air because I found myself just shaking my head and "uh-huh"-ing to most your wrote!!
I'm posting myself, but have seem to have lost my commenting mojo...can't find the energy to sit and read the backlog...feel bad about it, but...will trudge through...tomorrow!!

I used to joke to people that i was a "married single mother", it's not so funny...~~sigh~~We should start a club!! :-D
Hang in there what you can...the other stuff will fall into place!! :-D

April said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. And we thought life was complicated back then!


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