Monday, October 27, 2008

Confessions of a Maddict

Well, the Man is away for work again , so it was a really good thing that there was something for me to look forward to on the weekend.

I haven't been the biggest fan of Saturday Night Live during the last few years (primarily because I can barely keep my eyes open past 11 PM anymore these days). However, I have recently been drawn, like millions of others, to the bang-on impersonations by Tina Fey of the ubiquitous Sarah Palin.

So imagine my excitement when I noticed that Jon Hamm, the number one man on my favourite new TV series, was to host this past Saturday's episode. With a bonus -- COLDPLAY was the musical guest.

Made the weekend an event. Oh I know, I really need to get a life.

Here is my favourite part of the show, and for those of you who do not watch Mad Men on a regular basis, I think you'll still enjoy it.

Methinks that performing this skit with Jon/Don probably sent Amy Poehler into labour.

Coldplay's performance didn't really blow me away; I think Chris Martin's frenetic performance and lack of continual contact with the mike didn't help. They may be more suited to larger venues these days. Still, it was a treat to see them 'live'.

But you know what nearly sent me over the edge? Last night was the finale of the second season of Mad Men. And was it ever a fully loaded episode. There's the backdrop of the Cuban Missile Crisis; a company merger; confessions; unwanted pregnancy; continued marital woes; one night stands ... and just when I thought it was all over for our philandering protagonist's marriage, he goes and writes his estranged wife a love letter. Here is an excerpt:

" I understand why you want to go on without me, and I know you won't be alone for very long. But, without you, I'll be alone forever. I love you, Don."

Oh. My. God.

Swoon... these writers, boy they've got marketers pegged.

Hey, I'm married to a marketer! Hmmmm.

I cannot WAIT for Season Three to begin.


Rima said...

OK, this probably says it all about my social life these days, but I was totally looking forward to SNL on Saturday, too! And I thought Coldplay did pretty well, if you just listened to the music without watching Chris Martin writhing around the stage :)

Kori said...

I haven't seen any of the SNL stuff, because we don't do TV at my house, but to see Coldplay live, even if it wasn't all that great, I would have gone out and bought cable.

Kat said...

Oh no. I totally get it. I get super excited for good tv nights too. I'm cool like that. ;)

I have never seen Mad Men but after that clip I may have to start watching. Yowsa!

Caroline said...

OMG---that was a great SNL skit! Your blog is great!

J at said...

I've never watched Mad Men, but my mom loved it, because she said that it had the time period, the smoking and the sexism and the clothes and everything, SPOT ON. Makes me want to see it, but I always forget to watch.


Immoral Matriarch said...

Dammit. I watched the first two episodes of Mad Men, and was really excited, but I was let down. I wanted more, and I guess it needed to be on HBO or Showtime to really take it there. I might need to redo it.

Am I the only one that adores how into his music Chris Martin gets? I love it!

dkuroiwa said...

You are the fourth person to rave about Mad Men and it is just making me sad because I can't get it over here....yet. I'm hoping it will start soon....the clips I've seen on YouTube are great...but the SNL is too funny!!!


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