Friday, October 24, 2008

Paris - Fashion Friday Flashback

2003 was winding down and we had decided to get off of the baby train. Our foray into the world of IVF was to begin in March 2004.

Can I tell you what a relief that was? Life at home was less stressful and work was easier to handle. I bet if my boy could remember, he'd probably tell you that I was a bit of a sweeter mommy to him too. At least a little.

When a work trip to Paris came up, to participate in a "pre" product lauch, and share a poster presentation with other global affiliates, I was happy to just say "of course I''ll go". Escape would do me good.

No worries about schedules, which nights I would be away, which drugs to take, oh geez, would it coincide with the HCG shot... and where would the hubs be? Aw, to hell with all that, I'd be in PARIS in February ... whooottt!!! Jambon et fromage avec une biere s'il vous plait ... pain* au chocolat with some heavy duty coffee, walking, shopping, more walking, museums, the architecture... oh yeah, there would be work, but this time I was going to try to really enjoy the city. And drinking, or enjoying, rather, some fine wine. Hmmmm, nice for a change.

It was also nice to be going with my boss. A different boss than before. She knew how to live - work hard, but also experience the city that we were in. We weren't sure whether there would be another trip in the future (company stuff was happening), so we went a couple of days early.

Musee D'Orsay - check
Galerie Lafayette - check (about 3 times)
Printemps - check (about 3 times)
La Coupole - check

I remember also having raclette for the first time ever, in a tiny little restaurant located near Place de l'Opera (at least I think it was, I am so directionally-challenged, and the streets there are anywhere but gridlike).

Shopping, did I say shopping? So what did I purchase on my last trip to Paris? I hadn't shopped in Paris in a long while... so I threw caution to the wind and just bought some frivolous items to perk up ye olde wardrobe. Teeny-tiny numbers perfect for summer 2004. Here's a peek...

Can you feel the wistful undertones in this post? Sigh...

Wonder if I ever got to actually WEAR them in the summer of 2004?


(Well, what would be a miracle is if I could still fit into them... but that's another story.)

(*edited per my friend Badness, wonder where my mind was at LOL!!!... although a "bain" would have done PERFECTLY ... )


Badness Jones said...

They're beautiful! (did you mean pain au chocolat....because bain is bath, but depending on the company, that could work too!)

louann said...

I like your fashion style =)

I like the new skin of your blog too =)

Melissa said...

Yeah, but not being able to wear your beautiful Paris fashions? Priceless!

Karen MEG said...

Hah, Badness, freudian slip there LOL!

Karen said...

But at least you got to go and enjoy the city. There's always that.

Kami said...

Ooooo, love all the pieces! They are all so springy and colourful...


Kat said...

That's okay. I tooootally want to bathe in chocolate. In Paris.


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