Friday, November 28, 2008

Fashion Friday: Spanx'ed and Berried

Well, guess who hasn't heard the word "recession" yet. Yeah, guilty as charged. I've been doing a little shopping. Cannot resist the deals.

For one thing, I had to buy a dress for the holiday party. More on that later.

But first, I'm loving the deep berry red shades of the season.

I needed a hat, and was looking for one of those slouchy types and believe it or not, this was the ONLY one I found in the accessories section:

So what do you think, Remy Shand or Mary Tyler Moore?

Back the party.

I had to get a proper mani, after all I'll be shaking hands with people later and what's worse than rubbing mitts with sandpaper? Ugh.

Here they are, in OPI's "We'll always have Paris".

And back to the Spanx. Yes, I had to get some to fit into this which I purchased for the part-ay tonite:

And since the dresses were so pretty at BCBG I had to get this too:

So no presents for mommy this year, she's done!!


Rima said...

I think you did really well!

Kat said...

The dresses are really cute, I like the hat too!. Spanx rock.

J at said...

I LOVE BCBG. Love it. Very cute dresses. Have fun!

April said...

I love that color!

Ginaagain said...

I love the deep berries too and that hat is wonderful. I love spanx too. In the winter I wear my long ones under everything.

bec said...

As you know, I saw the hat and the nails live-and-in-cullah and they look great!!! The deep berries look great on you. Really hope the smudge on your nailpolish wasn't due to my call making you reach in your purse for your phone!

Never tried spanx before. Let me know what you think of them.

Love BCBG.

Hope you had fun at the part-ay! :)

Dina said...

oooh nice!! would love to see pics of the dresses ON though!!

hope you had a great time!

Kimmylyn said...

LOVE BCBG.. love it.. and the hat is adorable!!

Kami said...

Love the hat, and both dresses! I need some Spanx too, I have heard they cut you down a dress size. I'm good with that!

Anonymous said...

Love the dresses and love Spanx! Of course, all of my holiday dresses have sleeves. Flabby arms are obviously not something you have to worry about! That's why I wear Slimpressions with my Spanx. Spanx on the bottom half. Slimpressions on the top...perfect for my muffin top, back fat and arm flab. Ohhh, my reality. :)

Miss said...

Ooooh SCORE!!! Love the new digs!


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