Saturday, February 07, 2009

Poof Mommy - or " I have Jennifer Aniston's hair "

...circa 1994.

What the hell?

My usual hairstylist is on maternity leave, so I booked another appointment for a simple cut with the same girl who subbed for her last time. The last time she did a pretty decent job. Even gave me a decent colour.

This time? Does something about my face scream "blow-out"? Or maybe it's because I had my son with me ( he who should have been in school but had me take him home after a sudden GI flu attack on the schoolbus, and then miraculously recovered in time for me to take him with me to my appointment).

I know I'm a suburban soccer mom, but I've never walked into the salon with my hair styled like I was trying to be an Asian Heather Locklear. Not that there's anything wrong with Heather's hair, or with the old "Rachel" style for that matter ... just not for me. The poof doesn't sit well with Chinese locks.

"Don't worry Mom, it'll look much better after you come out of the shower!"

Even my 8 year old gets it.


Tara R. said...

The very first thing I do whenever I get back in my car after a hair cut, is brush is out. It is some sort of 'poof conspiracy.'

Maureen said...

Oh, I can so relate... I always take a shower after the hairstylist... then I can put it back to "normal". Have fun at your reunion!!!!

Badness Jones said...

You're still cute.

Ginaagain said...

No it doesn't look like you but I bet it looked a lot better after you styled it yourself.

C said...

You're a hottie, Karen! XOXO

Anonymous said...

I always brush mine out afterwards... I'm getting a cut on Saturday.. Hopefully shell get it right!

Cherry said...

My hairstylist insists that 80's big hair is back. But my hair didn't do the poof well back then, and it doesn't do it well now.

I also brush it out as soon as soon as I get in the car. All of your comments make me feel less bad about it now.

Knatolee said...

What. The. HELL???

Nobody should be allowed to bring back 1994. But I have to say, you're cute whatever your hair is doing.

I think you tamed it well for the reunion!


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