Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A.K.A. the converter

The other night we were watching 'National Treasure 2" on DVD. Probably one of the most convoluted storylines ever written, if not the most impossible to follow. At least from my perspective. Even the boy noticed that it had all been done better in the first movie.

But the girl was really enjoying it. So much, in fact, that when she had to go to the washroom, she wanted to pause the movie.

"Can you pass me the fur-BUR-ger?"

Ian and I just looked at each other, puzzled for a second, and then like two 12 year olds suppressed a couple of smiles.

I want to press the button to pause. I gotta go pee!"

Mommy and Daddy, grow up and pass it over, will ya?


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Ed said...

Not sure I could have kept it together. We simply call it the remote.

Huckdoll said...

Oh, that's hilarious :D

I just learned two things in this post: 1) fur burger (wha?) and 2) I'm not the only one who's stuck in the 80s calling the remote a converter ;)

Hope you're well darlin' xo

Kat said...

Hehehe. That's too funny. :)

Miss said...


Am I an idiot for kinda enjoying that movie? hahaha

Laski said...

Awe, heck. Don't grow up! One day, long after she's been good and mortified by your behavior, she'll thank you for it . . .


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