Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday Thirteen: Rambling twitter style

I just realized that the "official" Thursday Thirteen hub is no longer with us. It's been that long since I participated. That is sad, I enjoyed being part of that crowd.

But I'll still keep up with it here when I can, it helps when I have nothing else to write.

1/ Finally booked my first physio apppointment. Why did I drag my heels (well, my knee) so long? I guess I was waiting for it to get worse.

2/ Oh and it did when the klutz at Walmart smashed her cart into the same exact place on my knee.

3/ Why did I think that trying to roast a red pepper on top of my gas range was a good idea?

4/ Trying not to think about how gross my keyboard is.

5/ I hope we do get some spring this year before it becomes 30 deg C in about a week. And they call this the Great White North?

6/ My hair is turning unintentionally orange. I know peach/coral is hot for spring but I'm not feeling it.

7/ My son played with my muffin top peeking over my low-risers the other day. Cute or mildly horrific?

8/ I still need a light in the kitchen. I'm also a broken record.

9/ I paid $2 extra for my free Tim Horton's coffee and a donut. (Yes, I managed to win something under my rim. Horseshoes up my whoo-hoo, folks, horseshoes. )

9a/ It's called the new math, or "I can't believe she gave me the wrong change, I figured it out after I drove off and I hate drive-throughs".

9b/I considered putting the car on park in front of 20 others and risking my life to get that $2 back. Yeah, I'm cheap too.

10/ I think I have a shopping disorder. Don't tell my husband I told you this.

11/ I need more Lululemons. The gym's on hiatus, but I need help keeping this ass at least looking halfway normal.

12/ Most annoying sound on earth? This:

being driven around on porcelain tiles. For hours on end.

13/ I'm looking forward to watching "In the Motherhood" tonight. Wish me luck wrestling the remote away from the kids.

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Cid said...

I'm with you on the state of my keyboard, spring or the lack thereof, the colour of my hair which is vaguely dirty dishwater, muffin tops of which my son likes to sing about and the need for Lululemons to contain the aforementioned muffin top.

Ginaagain said...

The gold in my hair is turning silver.

I cheated a cashier in the food court of costco yesterday by giving her eleven pennies when I really owed her fourteen... she didn't even bother to count them.

louann said...

Totally with you on your #12. Except ours is driven on a wooden floor. Arghh!

Yo Momma said...

oh gawd. Bless your patience for listening to that thing being driven on the floor!?! aaah! It would end up as kindle for the fire...well, if I had a fireplace.

Karen said...

Those horseshoes can't be comfortable. I just keep thinking that. But hey, good luck is a good thing.

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

I do not understand twitter, but I totally get unconnected mindless wonderings. Maybe I need to twit.

Anonymous said...



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