Friday, May 15, 2009

Bloghopping my Fragments

Friday Fragments?

Welcome to another ho-hum week in Karenland, Friday Fragments-style (show some love to the Fab Mrs4444 when you get a chance):

Exciting news of the week, particularly for the blogger in me: A Bloghopping reunion!! Whoot!

It's been revived for tonight, by the awesomeness who is BusyDad Jim. I found some of my best blogging buddies through this parents/girls/boys/everyone weekend out, that was the brainchild of Jim, oh back in early 2008. We also had some fun on the now defunct cre8buzz social network. Oh the good old less than instantaneous pre-twitter days...

So if you're here from there...

welcome or welcome back! I'll be checkin' you out later, with drinks in hand. And a very special BIRTHDAY hop to my gal fellow Bhopper Secret Agent Mama. Raise a glass to this talented lady too, 'kay? And be forewarned that the following will meander, as I have saved a Pomtini especially for this occasion.

Fragment #1

Got my haircut this week by the woman who I thought I would never go back to. She first cut my boy's hair when he was 2 years old. He loved her; my daughter has loved her since her first cut at 18 months; and now my hubs also goes to her. But me? I've had this psychological wall in my brain that had "do not go to the same stylist as the kids" graffiti ed across it. Why? I do not know.

Oh wait, maybe because I tried her once when the girlie was 10 months old, and she looked at my stomach area and asked if baby #3 was along the way. Jokingly, of course, but I how could I possibly think that was funny? I seethed through the 2 hour experience of cut and colour. Hubs thought the hair was nice; I never went back for myself. Well, until yesterday.

I guess in 4 years I've finally gotten over it, and to be honest, she did do a great job. It's poofy again, but my hair's longer and thinner, so I can deal.

Fragment #2

I am in desperate need of a light fixture for our kitchen (can you believe it's almost been 2 years since we started the kitchen reno?), new set of furniture for the family room (couches have lost all spring and are now a cesspool of bacterial toxin due to rotting cheese string fibres, juice box drippings, cookie crumblings), and new window coverings to replace the blinds that have been hacked to death by light sabers gone wild.

We're hosting a potluck for my hub's department next weekend, so there's a sense of urgency. I think two years is a bit of a long wait for kitchen lighting. Better get cracking.

Fragment #3

We slept in today. Yay? Well, not really, when you're woken up by your 9 year old screaming:

"IT'S 8:20, IT'S 8:20 WAKE UP, WAKE UP!!!".

I got up and immediately sprung into action. I'm really fighting any inclination I might have to be remotely organized by refusing to make the boy's lunch the night before. As if the sandwich would be any fresher made 12 hours later just to be packed for another 5 hours...but I digress.

I asked the boy what time he got up.

"7:00 AM". WHAT?

So why didn't he wake us up earlier? Well, apparently it's not really his responsibility, he just happened to look and noticed the time, so we were lucky. Get with the program parents!!! (GRRRRRR......!!!)

Thank goodness the man had taken the day off, so he was there to help me get the girl ready. She did change outfits, but only one time due to the time constraints. Can you believe they still made it onto the bus at 8:35 AM?

Me neither.


After the kids were on the bus, we parents scuttled around a bit, still recovering from the rude awakening. Sitting down for our coffee, the door bell rang and we saw a tall man through the translucent curtains by the door.

We hate door-to-door sales people. Especially before we've had our coffee. Most of the time they're unscrupulous energy supply sales people who just want to spy on our electrical bills. So Ian got up to go the door, muttering under his breath..."Wonder who this JACKASS is now..."

And opens the door to one of my old friends from high school who I haven't seen in a couple of years!! Turns out he was in the neighbourhood to visit a client and was early, wanted to stop by to say "Hi". Of course I made a mad dash up the stairs to get something on (over my Tshirt and sweats) and could overhear him laughing with the hubs about how he was sure he saw me just in that state back in good old Scarborough days.

Pleasant surprise, and he cracked up when we told him we thought he was just a regular jackass.

Fragment #5

Husband had day off + girlie wanted to go her friend's for a playdate after school = bonus child-free afternoon for the adults.

Hubs took me to lunch down in Liberty Village, a part of town going through some re- gentrification. Last time I was there was when I took the boy down for his TV show audition.

We had a great meal at the Brazen Head pub; which would have been perfect were it not for the overabundance of Irish tunes blasting through the airwaves throughout the entire meal. I like an occasional Irish jig or two, but having to constantly suppress the irrational urge to get up and kick up our heels every half second was getting a tad annoying. It's an Irish pub... we get it. Just throw in something from this century for good measure, will ya? (They did play a couple of U2, Cranberries and Pogues tunes, but only a smattering. Must drive the wait staff batty!).

Fragment #6

We saw some interesting car ornaments on the way downtown. Never seen a taxi lei'd before? We just did.

So I put my creative hat on and I think I might fashion my own lei made up of decapitated Power Ranger torsos, Batman heads and GI Joe limbs. I have a huge collection strewn all over the basement play area floor, that are just begging to be re-used. My Odyssey will look grand adorned with a superhero inspired garland, don't you think?

I know, I'm a sick, sick puppy.


That's all folks. Have a wonderful weekend.


Maureen said...

Whoo Hoo! Blog Hopping is back! Happy Friday!!!

Tara R. said...

I drank a swig everytime I read the word Fragment! Woohoo. BlogHoppers rule!

followthatdog said...

I could fix you up with a few spiderman parts for that lei, we have a dog that makes sure we have tons!
Happy Blog Hopping!

Melisa with one S said...

You're my first stop on my first Bloghop!

That was the longest Friday Fragment I've ever read. :)

happy bloghopping friday!

Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...


Veggie Mom said...

I was over at Tara R's and she's Bloghopping, too! You guys need to be careful out there...but have tons o' fun!

Diana said...

A couple of summers back there were a couple of weeks where everyday I would arrive home to find my husband having long - but not at all meaningful conversations - with random Jehovah's Witnesses in our front yard. WHILE WEEDING OUR FLOWER BEDS! WTF?

I too hate regular jackasses dropping in.

AmyWhiskeyFoxtrot said...

I refused to go to the same salon as my husband for years. My stubbornness resulted in some really shitty hair cuts. I finally caved in and now I get great cut/color and a good price.


Mommy Melee said...

Hello!! Happy Friday. Whee.

One drink down.

Agent Provocateur said...

Awwwww shuck, man... thanks for the props! I love you, girl... And your fragments were phenom!


melissa said...

ok,'ve got anger at power ranger issues.
we did the same type of post!! mine was jumbled, muddled and something else that i can't remember. only yours was waaaaaay better than mine.

yay for bloghopper revival!!

Shannon said...

Sometimes I think random posts like this are the best.

We overslept this morning, too! Must have been something in the water, eh?

Thanks for visiting my blog on my SITS day... sorry it's taken this long for me to get back to you!

WeaselMomma said...

Happy BlogHopping! Your fragments were great (although all totally post worthy).

Miss Grace said...

I think that lei sounds like the awesome (happy bloghopping)

KaiserCracker said...

aaaand with you ... I pop my bloghopping cherry..... POP

followthatdog said...

I may have gone back to that hair dresser one more time, but only to kick her snarky ass. Pregnant comments are NEVER funny. And yeah, I may be a bit sensitive....sigh.
Happy bloghopping!

Momisodes said...

Totally loved these fragments! I think you were one of the original blogs I BlogHopped to back in the day ;)

Cheers to BlogHoppers!

Allison said...

Happy BlogHoppin'

Interesting idea for a lei. Maybe one day I'll have the (need) inclination. What with a little boy in the house. have a house to remodel. Sadly, not yet, but maybe this year...a girl can dream you know...

Take care :-)


Our Crooked Tree said...

I like the way Tara made this a drinking game! Good to see old friends from the buzz!


badassdad05 said...

Ack, too ... many ... threads. Can't .. follow .. all ... lines ... of thinking. Haircut ... up late ... looks good .. light fixture ... GI Joe ...

I need another drink and some more BLOGHOPPING!

Anonymous said...

YAY! Friday Fragments ROCK! I'm here, I'm reading, I've been reading for awhile, just have never commented, aside fro here or there!

Happy Bloghoppin' :)

Smartasstic Mom said...

I just bloghopped all over your fragments.

I think I might have broken some stuff.


Ms. Maxwell said...

And the beauty of Blog Hopping is that fragments make complete sense.

Anonymous said...

Cheers! Hic.

Rachel said...

HAppy BlogHoppin' darlin'! ;-)

Krista said...

Whoo hoppin'! Sounds like you had a decent day other than the rude awakening! I got up at quarter to 6 this morning to help out with a garage sale... way to early! And now it's way late... gettin' loopy here!

Kim said...

I missed the party as always.. :(

You need to post a picture of your new hair!!!

Mrs4444 said...

I would love to see a Lei like that, and I love that you thought of it. I'm sure my sister will make one, once you create the prototype :)

I'm so glad I knew about Cre8buzz for a year or so before it died; I've met so many great people through the Buzz.

Good luck with the fixture shopping!

Cheryl said...

our doorbell broke 3 years ago and we never fixed it, seems to keep away the sales people!!

Loved the fragments..

Have a great weekend

Heather said...

Well, I had intended to visit last night but apparently I got tired and went to bed. I'm an awesome partier now that I'm old.

Excellent fragments!

Nicki and Mathis said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog on my SITS day!! Always nice to meet a new SITSta!

Piper said...

Girl, I'm SOOO glad you found me again too!!

Thanks for hopping my way, I'm a bit of a late hopper ;)


J at said...

I've never heard of this blog hopping, but I liked catching up via your fragments. :) Yay that the hair turned out well. I would not be as forgiving of the comment.

I'm totally impressed that the kids were out the door on time, too. Very well done.


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