Friday, May 01, 2009

Friday Fragments - Much Ado about Nothing

So this is how the week has been. Not a heck of a lot happening, but the good news is that there be GRASS on the lawn. Hallelujah!

Our tree in the back that has been slowly dying, just eeking back to life every spring ... has finally bit the dust. Poor thing, it looks so sad, but the worst of it is that the foliage that used to provide us privacy is no longer there. We can see every program that our back door neighbour watches on his huge screen TV. The good thing is that it's primarily sports. Whew on that one.


I had a great girls night out with my oldest friend last Friday. As per usual, the evening flew by as we got caught up on (mostly her) shenanigans since we'd last seen each other at the high school reunion in February. She's got men clamoring to go out with her... we just wish they were the right kind of men. Annoying, really. It pains me to see her have to go through all this dating crap, but that seems to be the way it is once you reach a certain age.

Guys who are interested seem to be in a few main categories:
1/ they've never had a serious relationship and are way too set in their ways and afraid of commitment. In other words, weird beyond belief.
2/ they're divorced, bitter, have a lot of baggage and are afraid of commitment.
3/ they're married and looking for a diversion.

So I'm being ever the busy body. Despite the fact that my mother's matchmaking capabilities left a lot to be desired (not for lack of trying), I myself might give it a shot for my gal pal. I've got ONE single male friend. That's it. But there's another part that is thinking I shouldn't go there...


My Mom is home after a month away, and she is already so busy. I spent Monday with her as she had some appointments and errands. She looked great in her denim outfit and seems to have a renewed sense of energy. I really admire her, she's amazingly independant and so social. Most of the time when I call her, she's on her way out the door. Incredible.


Speaking of fragmented, now that my knee is almost back to normal, and my back is not so abnormal ... my laptop is now sick. It's not swine flu, but I had a serious "blue screen" sighting this morning, reading "registry failure" before I had my morning coffee. Which according to my IT pro brother is, how shall we put it, "NOT GOOD".

And considering that idiot me never saved most of my 2009 photos from the laptop elsewhere, this is considerably MORE THAN not good unless my brother can somehow recover those files. GAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!


I just had pizza for dinner. Let's hope I don't end up in emerg.

Happy weekend everyone!


OHmommy said...

my mom is always out the door. i dont know how she does it. i love that about her too.

happy friday my friend.

Mrs4444 said...

You are a talented fragmenter, my friend :)

Yea on the green grass! Me, too!
My mom--same thing; always on the go. I just wish she wouldn't drive. She's turning 80 this summer...

Oh, no! Good luck with the photo recovery.

pink~leopard~print said...

Hi just stopping from SITS!! Love the blog:0)

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

Taht's great for you mom, when I am that age I hope am active and social. Jay's grandma isn't and it's a sad, lonely life.

And I am glad you are starting to get back to normal, that is good news!

Boo on the computer though. I had a the blue screen after only having my laptop for 6 months...thankfully all my unbacked up pictures were successfully recovered (me an idiot too)!

Tara R. said...

I have a friend I want to matchmake for too. She so deserves to find someone who will be good to her.

Good luck retrieving the photos. Hope your computer is better soon.

Anonymous said...

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