Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Fragments - Pop Culture edition

Friday Fragments?

What a day it was yesterday, and continues to be today. While I was congratulating myself for being so cool as to be "in the know" about two events via twitter before they made official headlines (I'm such a geek that way) ... it really registered as to how historically sad it was.

Farrah Fawcett, an original Charlie's Angel. And then Michael Jackson, the icon. Two celebrities who touched the world. And me.


I was a huge fan of the Six Million Dollar Man when I was a kid. And then when I found out that he was married to this blonde goddess in real life, I was totally awestruck. I'll be honest, Farrah wasn't my favourite angel (Jaclyn Smith was my idol) but I did sketches of the Angels and hung them up on my wall. And I couldn't draw, but I loved them, and the show and what it stood for (three beautiful, smart, female DETECTIVES? Catching bad guys? Wow!).

Sure, they bounced around a bit as they ran around, and were always so cutely flirty chatting with Charlie...but to a young girl, they were certainly something to aspire to. Even a little skinny Chinese girl.

I did feel a bit betrayed after she left the show, but looking back, it was a very strong, gutsy move, made by a strong, gutsy woman. From what I've read about her battle with cancer, she was an inspiration.


Michael Jackson. I still know so many of the lyrics to so many of the songs. From the time I used to watch the Jackson 5 cartoon series on Saturdays mornings .... to the days in the basement when I used to prance around to "Shake your Body to the Ground"... to the "Thriller" album that I won when my Dad spent who knows how much $$ at a Fairweather shopping spree for me and my sister... to the first dance I ever choreographed in high school to "Billie Jean". Watching his videos over and over, jumping up to dance whenever I heard his distinctive voice.

I can't believe he's gone.


I took the kids with me to Dad's grave site, after picking up up some annuals to pay our respects. It's tradition to visit before July 1. And it was the first time I'd been there since the winter.

The foundation for the monument has been set. The site is gorgeous in the summer, with a lovely tree and bench right by. I think Dad must love it, it's beautiful.

I spent a half an hour digging because the spot that my brother had cleared had been re-sodded again for the foundation (unbenownst to us, they just put it in yesterday). Digging with the girlie's garden tools, because that's all I brought (d'oh!).

It was a bit of work, in the hot sun, cutting through the mud and clay. But a labour of was the least I could do ... the flowers make it look so much prettier.

After a quick watering, I took the kids' hands and we stood in front of my Dad's spot. My boy bowed his head and said a private message to his Granddad in his head... and then he shook with sobs. I teared up too. We all miss him so.

So after our traditional three bows toward Dad, we packed it all up and walked back to the car.

Into the shiny weekend that I know my Dad would want us to enjoy.


For more fantastic fragments, visit the home of Mrs. 4444 when you get a chance.


Kori said...

These are absolutely wonderful fragments; made me tear up a little, actually.

Tooj said...

Your fragments were very thoughtful...thank you for sharing. It's amazing how those who pass can truly shed some light and love onto the rest of us. A day after, a year after, or decades after. If we'd only remember the "coming together" we feel when we think of those passed, this world might be a more restful, peaceful place. Because in the end, that's where we all end up. Restful and peaceful. Happy Friday to you.

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

I honestly don't even know what to say...I am speechless and my eyes are full of tears. Your's and your son's love for him just shines through your words.

Rebecca said...

Thanks for stopping by - love your fragments!

Your reflection on being excited about using twitter and then realizing the depth of the news that you learned on twitter is very appropriate.

BTW - love your blog title, we would make great friends IRL!

Mrs4444 said...

Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing this intimate moment; it touches me.

C. K. said...

Awww.. you bring a tear to my eye. Your dad must be so happy to see his children and his children's children paying such care and respect. You are lovely.

Thinking of you. x

J at said...

Oh Karen Meg, your post brought a tear to my eye. It's interesting in a way, to those of us who have recently lost a beloved family member...I hear the news of Michael and Farrah with detachment. I can't bring myself to care much, though I do recognize and admire the body of their work. Mostly my heart goes out to their families, because I know all too well what this feels like for them. OK, maybe not the intense media coverage, but the loss. I got that.

petite gourmand said...

thanks for sharing...
very touching.

Anonymous said...

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