Thursday, June 25, 2009

Party, Party, Party what it's been all this last week of school.

The GREAT news...

The little G "commenced" from Junior Kindergarten yesterday.

I almost cried, as she walked up in her gown and cap, her "diploma" outlining her favourite things in kindergarten grasped firmly in her hand.

And then she stood on stage, taking the microphone and reading her four lines about what makes kindergarten special while her beloved kindergarten teacher stood next to her.

Playing with her best friend, playing at recess, and playing with the castle, those are the very best things about kindergarten. Life really is tough with that play policy.

And then they were off to cake and celebrations in the classroom. The kindergarten teacher (a STAR, she was my boy's teacher as well) is off to be a Vice Principal at another school. So it was indeed bittersweet, as she was so instrumental in making my kids' entry into the whole school experience, a wonderful one. Teachers like her are once in a lifetime, and my kids were so lucky. Oh yeah, we were at a farewell party for her end of last week too.

Then we were off again...

to a pool party over at the girlie's best pal's house. In honour of the grad, my friend invited the whole class and parents to the festivities. My boy followed, the hubs followed, and they had us over for dinner. I am in total awe of her.

A whole day of fun and sun, and boy, was it ever HOT! I melted, even though I was under shade most of the time. I'm such a lightweight.


Today is THE last day of school. I pick up the kids at noon, and guess what... ANOTHER grad party. The girl is four years old and already a party animal. It should be interesting when she hits middle school...and then high school. I don't even want to think about university.

The boy laments that his school party consisted of a movie about Mozart in Swedish (they couldn't find an English version) and a continental breakfast. I guess his teacher had a bit more of a charm school bent (what??!!). I would have love that, but for a 9 year old boy whose musical interests currently lie more in the Black Eyed Peas and Lady GaGa direction, not so much.

Too funny.

And on tomorrow's guessed it, another party, this one of the birthday variety.


I'm too old for this. I could only handle one Stella yesterday, and I felt wasted.

But whew - I have a new weapon in my arsenal to fight the battle of the sag face: the new Estée Lauder product that I was lucky enough to try and write about over at my review site*. So even though I feel about 80, I'm looking much, much younger than that, thank GAWD!!!

(*check it, there's free stuff coming up for U.S. residents)


Kori said...

Wow, that sounds like entirely too much effort for me!

Karen MEG said...

@Kori: so true, it's pretty bad when you're complaining about a party, isn't it ;)?

Tooj said...

I don't recall having so many "gradutions" when we were little, but my son was "honorable mention" last year for pre-school and then this year he actually graduated. And then of course I'm sure he'll graduate from kindergarten next year....and then it'll be party party party until 5th grade! I don't know how you do it...keep the stories coming so I can be prepared.

Melissa B. said...

As a teacher, I know exactly how you feel. Congrats to the grad! Stopping by from SITS to Share the Comment Love...

JustMiss said...

So many parties!! I don't think I've ever been to a grad party for my son, who finishes second grade today! *sob*

Miss Eve said...

Congratulations for Miss Little G :-)

Cheryl said...

Little monkey grads are the CUTEST!!! How do they learn so much in one year, teachers are so amazing

Tara R. said...

Miss G looks so grown up in her cap and gown, congrats on her 'commencement!'

Hope you have fun at all your parties.

louann said...

Congratulations to Miss G! Job well done. Imagine how huge the knot in our throats will be when they graduate from college!

C said...

Hooray for Little G!! I cannot believe she's a grad already! It seems like just yesterday she was just a wee little munchkin!


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