Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Three, Two, One...


Geez, summer break starts on Thursday, 12 PM sharp.

And I feel so unprepared.

I don't know what it is; do you just become exhausted after a while and feel 'meh'; let's just let things roll?

I felt a bit of guilt about a month ago when chatting with some other moms while the kids played in the playground after school. A couple of them were talking about how they'd booked their kids' swim lessons for July, and I was like "WHAT??? The registration day was today?!!!"

And of course I was screwed. I'm sitting on two waitlists now for the girl. Thankfully because the boy is in the higher levels (I can't believe, it's like junior lifeguarding levels, what a fish!) he got in okay.

You see, I used to get up at 6:30 AM to sign my son up for his swim lessons, on the very day that online registration opened. And I ALWAYS got a spot. Because even though the system was slow, I was ON THERE, baby, at 7 AM sharp. When you're talking four spots per class in the preschool levels, it's what you have to do.

And I kept this up for the longest time, getting my boy into the lessons pronto, having activities scheduled for most days. Running around with our little baby schlep during pickups and drop-offs.

Now I'm content to let the kids run around the back and play with balls and bubbles. But I feel like a bit of a slacker.

I've tried to tell myself it's not so bad. I USED to be the keen mom. These moms who are signing their kids up so diligently, well their kids are their firstborns, like my boy. It's the girlie for whom I've dropped the ball.

So other than the boy's swim lessons, he's got a week of half day tennis camp, and I've signed the girlie up for a Chinese language playschool. Should be interesting to see how that goes.

And that's it. I'm hoping that will be enough, and that I won't have to endure hours of whining when they're not scheduled.

So what's on your summer agenda?


Kori said...

I guess I am a slacker mom becuase these kinds of things? Don't even register for me. Of course, I can't afford to put them in anything anyway, but even if I could, I would never get them a spot because I'd be all like, "Oh, yeah, yesterday? Crap." So don't feel too bad, ha ha ha.

Mrs4444 said...

Don't worry-it'll fill up before long. I like to keep our options open. However, today, Kyle got a full time job that lasts for one month. After that, he goes to camp (his decision) for FIVE WEEKS to be a junior counselor! We'll be pining away for him, for sure. Kendall's at sleepovers when she is not babysitting. It's going to be very full summer.

I'll be hiding in the corner with you at BlogHer, of course! :)

Life As I Know It said...

I was just writing about this very thing. I used to be so anti-scheduling, but now I think it depends on the kid's personality. My 7 year old NEEDS things to do while the 4 year old can play all day without anything structured. Different kids.
So far we've got swimming, tennis and probably lego camp.

Ed said...

I continue to be chauffeur just to more fun stuff. But thankfully, nothing really pressing. It's a pretty laid back summer.

Karen said...

I am an adamant proponent of letting kids dictate summer activities. Soccer is still in full swing when summer kicks off, and we're so glad when that's over that we just chill for the next few months. We don't do anything structured with the exception of one week of camp for each.

C said...

Wow! Can't believe summer vacation is here!

I'm sort of glad I don't have to think of structured activities for Little One right now, as she is only 7 months old :) Ooooof! So much to think about that I wouldn't have thought I'd have to think about being a new parent. So much to learn!! :)

Karen MEG said...

@Kori, I was actually surprised at the tennis camp, it was a lot more reasonable than some programs run by the city! But I think I preferred more laidback too...

@Mrs4444, let's pick out a party corner ;)

@Life as I know it: sounds like a great plan to me too

@Ed: the best kind of summer, well I could do without the chauffeuring role too, but guess that's the way it is with kids...

@Karen: I forgot about soccer, but it's just weekends and just for one this year. Camp is good!

@C: Just wait, the programs will start before you know it LOL! I remember taking G to her first program when she couldn't even SIT, she just lolled on the floor at about 6 months old, looking up at me like "what are we doing here, Mama.. drool..."

Simon said...

Everyone needs some non-scheduled time, especially kids. Just open the door and let them out to play; they'll find some way of amusing themselves...
I'm taking a month off work to be with our girls, although they're spending a couple of weeks with their grandparents in Italy and a couple of weeks in summer camp (well, the Belgian equivalent) meaning that there are only a couple of weeks where I have to entertain them myself. No plans for that period, but I'm sure a combination of parks, swimming pools and beaches will keep them happy.


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