Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Fragments - Anniversary Edition

Friday Fragments?

Welcome to another edition of Friday Fragments - please visit my friend and brilliant mind who started this all, the lovely lady Mrs.4444.


I'm a little sick of getting up at the crack of dawn, particularly since I am not a farmer and there is absolute no reason for me to be awake that early. I wish that fight or flight mechanism that makes the insides do somersaults for fear of the unknown, would just go away already. But we are this close, people. I'll keep you posted on the next episode of "How the stomach churns..."


My Dad's monument was finally installed, and last Sunday was the first time we gathered around to take a look at it. This time, though, it was a bit of a bigger gathering, as some of my mom's best friends also came to pay their respects. It was much like our regular trips to Montreal, only this time Dad wasn't there in person with us.

The stone is absolutely beautiful, but one would hope it would be, as we went back and forth with the design so many, many times. He deserves that and so much more.

And more importantly, Mom was pleased.

Because there were others there, I didn't feel the freedom to let my emotions get the better of me. But as we walked back to the car, my boy came up to me, noticed my silent reflection and some wetness in my eyes, and asked if I was okay. I told him I was, and asked him to help Grandma to the car.

"I'm glad you're okay, Mom. He's at peace, you know." he said as he ran back to hold her hand.

And I realized that I am glad too.


I took the kids to see the movie Shorts this past week. I'd never imagined that a piece of lettuce leaf that my little girl has plucked out of her nose might have the capacity to mutate into a goober monster. I hope that seeing this in live action on the big screen will help my daughter refrain from any future picking.


The boy got his spacers put in on his teeth yesterday. After I dropped him off at the orthodontist's office, I went to make an important phone call before coming back in to wait for him. Who knew the office is like a factory? Apparently there was no wait. When I came back in, my boy asked if I'd gone for coffee, and took me with him to the technician. Bad mother moment..."It would have been better for me to show you how to adjust it before I put it in his mouth, but we didn't know where you were..."

Great. At any rate, she showed me how to use the little screw driver to adjust the mechanism. After five minutes of trying to find that little hole in the appliance attached to the roof of the boy's mouth, I've come to the realization that I probably need bifocals. Even more wonderful.


And now comes the reference to the title of today's post.

It's our 16th wedding anniversary today.

To celebrate, we will be going out for dinner tomorrow night at one of the restaurants we used to frequent when we were dating. The last time we were there, we set the hanging bread basket on fire with the candle on our table.

I guess that's why they moved. But we found them again.

Sixteen years ago I was in a house around the corner, getting ready for one of the best parties of my life. My stomach was certainly churning, but in the most perfect of ways. Who knew that all these years later, I would be here making bacon and eggs for my cute kidlets, kissing my hubby as he heads off to the office, and sitting down to blog about it. Life is pretty good isn't it?

Life is about to change, as it has to. I have a feeling that it'll still be pretty darn good. I suspect that Dad is keeping an eye out and is proud of me for the things that are happening.

Happy weekend, all!


Caution Flag said...

Life is good here, too. Those orthodontists' office are amazingly efficient. Maybe too much so. It is one stop I don't enjoy because I always leave thinking my daughter's bad brushing/broken brackets are my fault :(

LceeL said...

And a good weekend to you, as well. And yes, life IS good.

Kori said...

I needed this post in the worst way today; whether you know it or not, you just helped me take a rally, really deep breath. Thanks for that.

Stacey said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you enjoy your night out! :-)

Happy Friday!

MrsSki said...

I hope your anniversary is great! And you're right life is good...and let me just say your son sounds like a very sweet and caring young man, we need more like him!

As always I really enjoyed reading your fragments!

Unknown Mami said...

Congratulations! 16 years is no small accomplishment. Enjoy your night out.

Tara R. said...

Happy Anniversary!

Your little man is very intuitive, and it seems, very compassionate.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your night out...keep way from any open flames, though... ;)

Your little man sure said the right thing, didn't he? You done good, mom!

Happy FF - have a great weekend! :)

Melissa said...

Happy Anniversary! Glad to know you can still set the world on fire, no?

Sara Elizabeth Bonds said...

Happy Anniversary!!

I am sorry for your loss, but glad that he has a beautiful monument. What your son said was very sweet.

louann said...

Happy 16 years! Have a grand tine =)

Mrs4444 said...

What a sweet fragment; that about your little boy taking care of you like that. Choked me up...

Happy anniversary. I'm very happy for you. Life is good.

I'm having a lot of trouble getting up early these days; just not used to it. Today, I got to work five minutes late, feeling guilty, until I realized that TEACHERS HAD OFF TODAY. Don't worry; I was a good girl and stayed there and worked all day. It was nice; no one to interrupt. I got a lot accomplished :)

mub said...

Happy anniversary! I hope you guys enjoy your dinner out =)

When I go to the dentist or doctor I'm NEVER seen straight away, so I don't think you should feel too bad about vanishing for a few minutes. Who would've known they were actually efficient there!

Sara Garcia said...

You are a beautiful writer! I love what you wrote, "Life is about change, as it has to." ~ so true. Happy anniversary to you and HAPPY SITS SATURDAY SHAREFEST! It was wonderful visiting your blog.

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

Oh Karen, this whole post had me with tears in my eyes. I can't wait to hear the big news and I have a feeling life is going to continue to be pretty awesome for you, 'cause you deserve nothing less.

Happy Anniversary! And did I laugh at the fire did I miss the post about THAT? ;)

Sue said...

OOOOhhh, I didn't like twisting that thing every day. Don't worry, after that comes the braces.

Happy Anniv! Loved your frags!

Eva Gallant said...

Happy Anniversary.

Try not to set the place on fire!lol

stopping by from SITS to say hi; hope you'll do the same.

Cherry said...

Happy Anniversary!

I am spending some time today getting caught on you and some of the others out here. I am looking forward to reading your Blogher '09 posts.

Maureen said...

Happy Belated Anniversary Karen Meg! Hope it was wonderful and there were no fires this time ;)

All the best.

Heidi said...

I was pretty much told to get lost when my E had her appt with the orthodont. She still isn't able to tolerate having her mouth mold made because of her gag reflex, so she can't yet get a spacer or braces of any kind.
Happy Anniversary!

Conquer The Monkey said...

Great post and happy anniversary!!
I agree, unless you are a farmer, why do you need to get up at the crack of dawn!?
Have a good week!
Cameron from
Conquer The Monkey

Tooj said...

I'm late to your fragments, but they were wonderful all the same. I hope that your dinner was great. Most would say they hoped you didn't catch anything on fire, but not me...I hope you did. :) Leaves good, lasting impressions and stories to tell! So long as it wasn't the entire restaurant.....Happy Monday!

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Your fragments are so much more interesting than my world. Must get out more...

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