Friday, October 30, 2009

Heeeeeeeeeere's Johnny...

Friday Fragments?

Welcome to another edition of Friday Fragments - please visit my friend, the lovely lady Mrs.4444.

So yeah, I did it. (Ignore the fact that the moustache is slightly lopsided - I was lucky to keep it on! And guess what hubs said when he saw the photo? He said my teeth REALLY look fake! What is it with him and the fake teeth?)

But so did others.

I actually won third prize:

Meet "Frankie" (as in Frankenstein - girlie named the little creep).

He yells "Trick or Treat" and giggles when you walk by him.

Creepy indeed.

What do you think about the H1N1 vaccination? With all the news and conflicting reports of its efficacy over the last few weeks it's been so confusing. We've pretty much decided that we'll all get our shots. But then I've always been quite pro-vaccination. For us the benefits outweigh the risks, and we've always even opted to vaccinate the kids for things that weren't yet covered by the government.

That being said, the lineups for the H1N1 have been outrageous, lasting up to 8 hours or more for some clinics in our area. But I do wish that they wouldn't zoom in so close on the needle during the news coverage- it looks pretty darn long! Hopefully it won't be so thick. Shiver.

I cannot believe it will be November in a couple of days. The original NaBloPoMo month. It seems ages ago that I actually blogged EVERY.SINGLE.DAY for a full month. How does one possibly do that? Life was really quite, quite different two years ago.

Here's wishing you a lot of treats and not so many tricks this weekend...


Kami's Khlopchyk said...

You are the cutest pirate I have ever seen! Atta girl, I knew you would do it and also knew you would post pictures.

I have yet to do that blogging everyday thing, I just couldn't. It would kill blogging for me for good I think :)

Tara R. said...

The contest was rigged! You were a great pirate!

I figure since the peeps and I already had the flu this season, getting vaccinated is a little too much, too late.

Hope you and yours have a safe and bountiful Halloween.

melissa said...

you look awesome as a pirate.
p.s. i haven't gotten my kids the h1n1 vacc. and the flu is supposed to peak today and get bad again in april!!

Cheryl said...

great costume!!!
We just did the H1N1 shot, 3.5 hours we waited here...but it's all done and hopefuly noone gets sick!

Mary G said...

Wonderful costume. You look amazing!
I am pro getting the shots - 99% of the population gets a mild version of H1N1, but the other 1% gets really, really sick. Worth preventing.

J at said...

Mary G has a good's not just about preventing the illness in your own family, it's also about not passing it on to others, who are more susceptible, or who may then pass it on to those who are. I haven't been able to get the shot yet, but I'm trying. My daughter got it this week.

I've done NaBloPoMo every year, and this year...not so much. Just don't feel interested. I kinda think it's something to do with how much blogging has slowed down in the last year or so, so I'm not as motivated as I once was.

LOVE your costume. :) Happy Halloween!

louann said...

Very, very nice costume! Must've been fun eh? =)

My kids are getting the shot.

Kat said...

So glad you dressed up! You look great! :)
We are all getting the shot too. If the vaccine ever makes it to our area. ??

Mrs4444 said...

Well, unless you count the tree almost falling on the house, we've been trick-free this weekend.

As for the flu shot, it's an inhaled-kind here, but we're not taking it. Not enough long-term testing for my taste. My sister was a D.E.S. baby, and I'm cautious as a result.

Love your costume!! What is it about the teeth thing? Did you get them bleached or something? Are they suddenly different than they were before??

Huckdoll said...

You looked excellent, my dear!!

As for the vaccine, well, I've never had a flue shot nor have the girls or Colin. And to be perfectly honest, the only time we've been seriously sick was last year when I was working full-time, the girls were in a daycare center, Colin and I were separated and living apart and I wasn't eating properly or getting nearly enough rest ... and the girls and I all came down with full-fledged pneumonia that had us out of the game for over three weeks. So, nope. No flu shots in this household, rather, a holistic approach and the anti-flu diet :)

Kori said...

Damn. you are almost as hot as HE is! :)

Maureen said...

Awesome Pirate! Arrrrr!

I got my H1N1 last Friday, as I work in a hospital that had cases here in the spring. Yesterday they ran out and have postponed our clinics for a few weeks...

The shot didn't hurt, but my arm sure did all weekend. More than with a regular flu shot.


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