Monday, November 09, 2009

Mad Single Dad

I caught the season finale of Mad Men last night.
Vanity Fair shoot
(are these people unbelievably beautiful or what?)

I've been so out of it over the last few weeks, that I actually missed the previous two episodes ... one during which Don was caught and had to reveal all of his past life to his wife, Betty and then dumped his mistress. The part of the storyline I've been waiting for, for two seasons. Can you believe it? Grrrrr....

So Don, Betts is finally handing you divorce papers. Your affairs will no longer be extra-marital. I wonder how fun it will be to make the rounds now that you'll actually be a single Mad Man?

A single dad, Mad Man. Hmmmm.
61st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

How about you fast forward 40 years and try something a little different...a particular Asian cougar comes to mind...

(Just kidding mind you. My slightly dough-ier husband, after giving his toast about his beautiful wife and kids being the reason that his 40s have been the best years of his life ... well, he's definitely fitting the bill. I've got my own smooth Don Draper operator in-the-house).

How am I going to handle waiting until summer 2010 for Season 4? Ackkkk!!!


Linda said...

I am seriously thinking of having a Mad Men party, just so we can all dress up like this- but minus the cigarettes.

J at said...

These seasons are just too darned short. I love Don, love him. But I would hate him in real life. His existential crisis is staining the rug, you know? Betty is better off without him.

Of course, my modern mind was somewhat offended that she had to go straight to the arms of another man. I'd like to see her go it on her own for a little while. She has the money, right? She grew up rich? And she hardly knows this guy. Sigh.


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